Wednesday, June 27, 2012

what a Lovely setting for a walk... cuz I hate walking the "hood"

Bird Park Walpole, Massachusetts

so this is where I do my walking, it is so pretty and the park even has some hills so pushing Johnny in his stroller makes for some nice exercise and the beauty is an added bonus, there is a toddler playground, awesome, so when the first part of my walk is done Johnny gets to run around climbing and playing. I walk about 1.25 miles before "playtime" and 1 mile after.

he loves water.... so here is the monster of a stroller I push
with my 23 pound guy in it,plus a bag full of mama junk. It is
a Jeep Jogger so if I ever jog it would be great for that.

                                              My "lil guy" Johnny... after a long hot walk
                                    (for me, he sat in his shaded stroller drinking cold water)
                                                               he is ready to play!

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  1. So stinkin cute! And what a beautiful park! I wish I had one close to my house to go to!


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