Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The first time......

Well this is my first time... Blogging.. I have never started a Blog, I actually just started reading blogs I don't know if I am even doing it right, but we will see so please be patient with me. I may ramble on and on go off subject spell stuff wrong use incorrect grammar and punctuation but hey I will do my best lol. I have a 20 month old son Johnny who keeps me a very busy at home mom and a husband, Sean, of 8 years so I guess I am a housewife too. So I hope I can post as often as I would like too I am thinking ..if I have time to sit on pinterest pinning crap I will never do, buy, or eat, I have time to blog, right? lol  

Sooooo I am being banded on July 5th!!!! 9 days away OMG!!! I started my liquid pre-op diet yesterday, I will post about that 2-moro (things I am "eating" and whatever) I got my insurance approval letter 4 days ago, we have Harvard Pilgrim health care, I will also post about the steps I had to take to get approved that way if anyone thinking about getting the Lapband is wondering what it will be like getting approved with HPHC can have some info about that.

Hmmm lets see what else.... I don't know that's it for know lets see if this even is the right way to do this before I get all deep hahaha..


  1. YAY! You took the plunge! If you stick with it and be HONEST, share the good bad and ugly you will be amazed at how much it helps! :)Welcome to blogland my dear! :)

  2. thankyou.. I love it already. I am getting the hang of it too.
    thanks for coming by lol

  3. Great first blog. :-) I can relate. :-) And lol about Pinterest!!


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