Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I wonder...can you liquify a cheeseburger??

10 day pre-op Liquid Diet......  so far so good.

I wonder why there isn't just a set pre-op diet that all doctors use that way I dont have to be jealous of SOME PEOPLE (lol) who can have meat.

well my liquid diet allows the following....

uggghhh okay..mama time, will try this again later........smells like bum changing time to me...

okay so where was I .... what I can have on my liquid diet

any amount of these
  • sugar free beverages
  • broth only soups
  • sugar free popsicles
  • sugar free jello
  • water
  • black coffee/tea
these in moderation

  • low sugar juice, gatorade (and the like) limit to 2 cups per day
  • no sugar added fudgicles no more than 3 a day
  • 1 cup of milk (I drink 1%)
  • 6 oz of yogurt no chunks
  • carnation instant breakfast sugar free.. I do not drink this lots of calories not a lot of protein.
also I have at least 1 protein shake a day, I just tried a packet of Unjury vanilla that my nutritionist gave me.... so good the best it taste like a melted vanilla shake form McD's really!!! what a treat after the muscle milk chocolate crap that dared to smell like browie batter and then tasted like watery crapola. I just ordered 2 thingys of it (vanilla yumminess, not the watery crapola) from it is a lil more $ but it is sooo worth it I mean if I have to drink it for the rest of my life it has to taste good I dont want to hate something that must be consumed 2x per day that just would not make me a very happy bandster.

so this is day 3 of my 10 day L.D and I am doing good I have not had any hunger the protein shakes are a huge help when I start to feel that gnawing in my belly it gets to work as soon as I take a sip, it is like magic!!  also I have had chicken broth fat free/ low sodium, that was my choice not doctors orders, but why not cut down on the sodium right? I use a tsp of Lipton herb and garlic soup mix just to add some kick to it (and all that sodium I think I am cutting out goes right back in lol) but it is tasty and I try to make it feel like a meal, I sit at the kitchen table I get a lovely glass for my water I use a cute bowl for my broth and a nice soup sipping spoon and I take my time put my spoon down between "slirps" and it helps me to feel like I am not missing out on my meals, that may sound nuts but really it helps.

lets see what else do I enjoy, well I love my yoplait whips I know they are not light but come on I gotta have lil something bad, when I can have "chunks" in my yogurt I will go to the light but for now... it is strawberry mist, key lime pie, and lemon whatever, that make me happy while watching tv at night with my hubby.   also water water water... .I am not big on crytal light and gatorade and all that but I do like it sometimes so when water is just to hard to get down (ugh after you have had nothing but liquid) it helps to give it some life, my choice is usually crystal light lemonade.
OH AND I LOVE JELLO!!!  if I am feeling frisky I even put on some coolwhip lite (shhh)

I have a 20 month old son and a hard working husband that do require meals so I get to cook for them, and it does not bother me I do find that everything smells soooo good though it is like my nose is working better lol, Johnny's oatmeal this morning was the best smelling oatmeal ever mmmm i kept smelling it while I was feeding him (Mmmm). I would rather cook for them than have my husband say, hey dont worry about me I will make myself someting when I get home tonight just give the baby dinner, oh what a thoughtful hubby.....and then he comes home with friggin CHINESE FOOD ....."really? really Sean? WTF are you kidding me right now WHAT is in that bag????" him "my dinner, what?" I really wanted to punch him in the face and make him eat outside. I had some Jello and just said to myself "okay he is a fatty I am not anymore, and payback is a bitch a bigger bitch than me!!!"  he really sat in the living room eating it, wing after wing, after wing while we watched hell's kitchen (yes more food staring at me, but I like the show and at least I cant smell it) I am very proud of myself, for not saying hey maybe just one wing, I am awesome at this liquid diet thing no biggy. ok all everyone is now free to hate my hubby for the day, and if he ever brings home a perfect yummy smelly brown bag of bad girl chinese food I will be blogging about how to get chinese food and blood out of your pajamas. okey dokey...thats all folks so far on liquid dieting my way.


  1. How to get chinese food and blood out of your pajamas... It's going to be a best seller! hah!

    P.S. I know you were talkin about me up there!! I wish you could have meat too!!!! I'll try not to rub it in! :)

  2. Oh I knew you would know I was just teasing ya lol, you can brag and enjoy your meat lol if I can deal with chicken wings in my living room I can deal with grilled meat in another state.

  3. Lol!!!!!

    You need those comment buttons on the blog so I could hit "funny!" for this one. :-)


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