Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Okay so I have a few minutes since my mother came over and is putting the lil guy down for a nap... I think the easiest way for me to let you all know a lil about me is bullet style lol here we gooooo

  • I am 35
  • I am a mom to Johnny 20 months and a wife to Sean 45 (oldie but goodie)
  • I have 2 fat cats Moose and Bear
  • I have 5 nieces 4 nephews 2 great nieces and 2 great nephews
  • I live in Foxboro, Massachusetts (home of the New England Patriots!) I grew up mostly in Boston but moved to the boonies when we got married.
  • I am having lapband surgery on July 5th.
  • I started my pre-op liquid diet on June 25th.
  • I want a dog, a german shepherd.
uh oh I hear the "baby" I will have to finish this later 

okay I am back, so I guess it is not nap time..

  • I decided to get the Lapband because my hgb-a1c was 5.9 in other words I am pre diabetic. I lost my dad in '09 to kidney failure he was a diabetic so  I do not want that disease to cause any more sadness in my life. so for me and my family I will not get it! ever!
  • I am excited about this, I have lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks, and I haven't even been banded yet.
  • I have started exercising and I am being more active everyday
  • I want to join the "Y" it is soo expensive for a family membership, but I am doing it anyways lol
more to come lol maybe not bullet style but for now I have to do my mommy duties and maybe some dishes....


  1. Love what you've done with the place!

  2. The Y is such a smart decision! Great investment for your family!!


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