Wednesday, June 27, 2012


why is Johnny (my son) awake he woke up at 11:30 when my husband went to bed... johnny sleeps in our bed his bedroom is pretty much a play room and where the cats sleep lol... anyways WHY is he up? who knows but right now he is watching Shrek 3 and making a mess of the living room. It has been tough to get him to sleep lately too, yes one of us have to lay with him 'til he falls asleep we created a monster lol.

         I have found that I have a lot less patience on this liquid diet, my husband can't do anything right and I want to kill my cats but my lil guy Johnny is not on my shit list, yet lol.

P.S  .....sugar free things give me a "belly ache" at this rate I am sure to be 25  lbs lighter day of surgery lol....


  1. I am trying to follow you (I am a hopeful bandster this Summer, too). Tell me how if you know. I think you need to add that widget?? I'm new at this blogging thing.

    1. Click on the blog name at the top to go to her homepage...then copy and paste the link. Go to your dashboard and where you see the blogs you follow click "Add" on the left, and paste the link there. That's how I follow now that they took away the handy "follow" button!

  2. I am new too but I think maybe I fixed it Tina... give it a try again.. Tee


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