Monday, July 2, 2012


I have been trying to make time to go browsing at the book store for healthy cooking cook books, I love to cook but I do not have much experience cooking things like, fish, and certain veggies that I (and my family) will be eating after surgery. I am sure that I would be better off buying books that are for WLS patients in particular,  so I ask, are there any cook books you WLS ladies recommend?  (and if not cook books, any must have books for bandsters?) 

3 more sleeps 'til my surgery!!!! wow this is the start of something so life changing and I am ready for all of the hard work... now that I will have the right tool for the job.


  1. with the internet - you don't really have to actually go to a book store - just google up some recipes and print em out - this is all so brave of you - are you taking vitamins by the way ?

  2. I know but I do like books. yes, I am taking vitamins and they are yummy & chewy.

  3. I really only get my recipes online, as I'm too impatient for cookbooks. I just like looking at the pictures... so I have no suggestions. Sorry!

    Only two more sleeps now!

    1. I did find a blog everyone seems to follow,,eggface- she has lots of recipes, but I like going to the book store and also flipping thru finding recipes to make meal plans a week at a time would be best for me, I have to make my 21 month old son and my hubby happy with whatever I make too so it will take some planning lol... OMG 2 more sleeps I cant wait!!!!!

  4. I bought a cookbook for bandsters! It was created by a bandster as well. I haven't actually made anything yet from it but I'm sure I will start when I get to mushies after surgery. Lap Band Gal did a review on it a couple months back. here's the link

    It's called Bandwagon Cookery. :)


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