Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Hello Peeps! 

        I want to thank Lap Band Gal, my girlio Julie, and my British girlio Mari for the shout outs ... you are all so awesome! , a few  mentions of my blog and BOOM! I have over 700 views now thank you! (that may seem like nothing but, I am a newbie)
        Thanks to all you new followers too, I hope that I can keep you reading, this is my 1st blog, so pardon if it is kinda boring, and sorry for the crazy amount of commas I use. hehehe

I love that what I am writing is being read, and may even be of some help to someone. I just ask that you -please! please! please! follow me, leave a comment or ask a question, get more out of your blog reading. I know it is easy to just lurk, I did it too when I was making the decision to get banded and it helped it was great, but once I started this blog, a couple weeks ago, I was hooked!! it is really helpful to put your thoughts out there, get 'em out of your head, talk it out. It is an amazing feeling being a part of this online community of bandsters. so please try it, it is not hard to start a blog and trust me you will love it!

I hope that my blog can help someone make a choice, answer a question, and most of all I hope that blogging about my journey will make "your" journey and mine -easier, happier, successful, and just plain awesome.

oh and one more thing ....... I had an egg today scrambled, it was yummy.
nausea is the worst thing I have had since surgery on Thursday, pain I can deal with, nausea no-way, the egg really helped!


  1. Don't get dehydrated...I did and it made me nauseous so keep on drinking the liquids!

  2. Yay for eggs! and yay for all your followers! :)


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