Wednesday, July 18, 2012


so it is Wednesday.... and I am a porka lol
I gained 2 pounds!!!!!!!!!!   so I am now 254 so there. but I am making changes so I hope to have a better weigh in next week......   ( I was actually 256 last week, but thru the week I weighed myself and was 252 at one point but that didnt last long, so really from last week I am technically down 2 pounds but still)

Oh and I got my staples out today, they were not infected I was just sensitive to the metal so it looked infected but only at each staple end not on the incision itself so I am happy that I do not have to go on antibiotics.

I am in pain right not so this is a short post, my arms are killing! I have slipped discs in my c-spine
c3-c7 pinching my nerves and causes lots o'pain, have had this prob. for years now gotta do something someday other than just pain meds, losing weight will not help either since it is my c-spine not like my back or anything.....

okey dokey peeps,,,, hope you are all doing well, hope Julie AKA "the dandy bandy" is healing up nice and feeling good!

talk to ya later ...


  1. Hey Theresa, hang in there. You are not a porka. I see a two pound loss. AND you are recovering from a pretty major surgery. I am so sorry you are in so much pain. Although you don't predict that the weight loss is going to do much to help the spine, I believe getting overall healthier has got to help you with whatever you DO need to do for that, too. But I'm so sorry you are dealing with all this right now. (And having to care for your adorable little guy too.) I hope you can get some extra support until you are feeling a little better, and please try to cut yourself some slack about the amount of weight loss. Oh, and I'm really glad the staples were not infected (even though it might have been nice to say "I told you so" to the doctor). ((hugs))

  2. Ooh, sorry to hear about the pain, horrid! Remember it's only a couple of weeks since surgery and your weight will leap about, I think you should claim 2lbs down from your official weigh in last week! Love x

  3. with you eating so freely..that's not bad!

  4. That may be a good reason to switch to weekly weigh ins because a 2lb loss should be celebrated!

  5. 256 last week and 254 this week is 2 pounds down in my book. don't count anything other than your official weigh-ins. you're only two weeks out, so don't worry about weight loss right now (easier said than done I know). You are doing great!

  6. Glad you're not infected! Don't worry about the scale bouncing around, you're in bandster hell... and your weight fluctuates so much it's hard to tell where you'll end up.


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