Friday, July 6, 2012

it is in -------now I am a true BANDSTER!

well it is in guys, I am so happy and eager to feel good enough to start some exercise, I have been getting around the house up and down the stairs and all.
I get my first fill in 6 weeks, and my next visit with my surgeon is in 2 weeks.

Dr. Glasgow said I could skip right to phase 3 of my post op diet because I didnt have much swelling and the barium swallow showed that I am not really restricted at all by just the empty band, so I can have oatmeal and tomato soup, scrambled eggies and it feels good to chew! lol

I am sore, really sore but the roxicet elixir is helping with that a bit, ( not taking the pain away totally though) the uncomfortable feeling from the "gas" they pump you with is bad my arms are killing me, I have chronic pain in them as it is, now this has made it worse (the walking will help)

my surgery day went like this.....

bed the night before at 12 am, the baby woke up at 5 am (great). got together stuff for my inlaws to babysit, list of what and when and how to babysit lol, they are 74-75 so they are out of practice...
my mother came a lil early 815 or so , so that I could get last minute hospital bag packed and stuff. I had already showered and got dressed did my hair (PONYTAIL)....
my mother came with me, my hubby could not get the day off, so off we went to get to the hospital for 930 surgery was to be at 1130 but that did not happen I didnt get to O.R. 6  until 1:30 grrr. but I was still nice and friendly my husband actually was able to leave work so he made it up to OR holding in time to sit with me for an hour before going to the waiting room (my mom went home) I remember getting the silly juice, then getting pushed to the OR the nurse anest. said think of a happy place and she put the "mask" on me off I went,,,,,, I woke up in recovery at about 320 and did not have any nausea!! awesome!! my hubby came back kissed me we chatted then he went home to the baby and his elderly sitters ( they are actually very active old people)

I got up to my room for the night about 4 slept off and on, i wish they would have left me alone for 5 mins, and boy do I hate the pain scale!!!!! no-ones # would ever mean the same pain my 7 might be someone 10 or 3, it is stupid.
anyways I had a PCA of dilotid, every 6 mins I could push my button , I read and watched some tv, slept and ate ice chips and the most yummy orange popsicle ever lol walked around the unit to get this gas going. 

This morning, at 5 I was up, and then at 8 I did my barium swallow (ughh gross)  Dr. Glasgow got to my room about 10 mins after I did and i was outta there at 9am! I did not get a wheelchair ride out, I walked out all by myself carrying my bags, and looking pale :o( but I didnt feel sick to my stomach I just was shaky and sore, I got a ride home with my inlaws, my mom had stayed the night at our house to sit with Johnny when Sean went to work this morning, so she was there when I got home, and she is soo awesome she stayed alllllll day until' like 7 when Sean got home from work, very awesome of her cuz my sister had surgery the same day as me for another reason, and she, I am sure would have loved to care for us both, but my sisters husband got the day off, and she doent have a 21 month old son, her youngest  (of 4) is 11.

so Right now I have this gnawing feeling in my stomach it almost feels like hunger, but ya know a lot worse, the pain med is not really lasting more than 2 hours, and my throat hurts from the tube. other than that I am good.....

I am so happy to finally have my band in place, this is the start of a new healthy life for me!!! I will write more about my recovery soon, my arms hurt to much right now to go any further. I wrote more than I was going to already... g'nite ~T~   <3 thankyou for all of my well wishes, and hello to all my new followers!!!


  1. You made it!! Sounds like you're doing great! Drink loads of water, rest, and try and get some protein. I hope the pain subsides soon. Lots of love! x

  2. thanks Mari, I am drinking a protein shake right now, it really helped the gnawing feeling in my stomach. I am feeling great today still a lil sore but nothing the pain meds cant handle. Doc said 2 more days and I will be back to normal good as gold.. the water is so hard to get down, I just feel like it is making my stomach cramp, I will try a room temp, bottle of water next.. today I am really having a pull the shades down, get under a blanket with the air conditioner cranking kind of day, and my damn primary doctor still didnt send my "ativan" Rx to the pharmacy yet grr she sucks!! hope you are having a good weekend.
    lots o' luv right back at ya lady ~T~

  3. I just can't describe how excited I am for you!!! And I'm just a week behind you so we are really going through this journey together!!! (just a few hundred miles apart!) I'm glad everything went smoothly with your surgery and how awesome is it you get to skip the clear liquid phase?!?! Don't forget i'm ALWAYS here if you need anything... it doesn't have to band related, you can always email me :)

    1. aww thanks Julie, you are the best!... loving my tomato soup and oatmeal phase haha it feels like thanksgiving dinner to me after 10 days of liquid! I can not wait for you to get your band in!!! I keep having to remind myself "hey, you have the lapband now ya know" lol... now I just cant wait for my first fill, but I really do feel like I have restriction already, if thats possible maybe in my head, either way I hope I dont gain back the 16 pounds I lost so far during these next 6 weeks before my fill!!..... surgery was awesome but I just took off my tegaderm and gauze and see that I have staples!! grr I hate them, I feel like frankenmommy, lol I hope you dont get them I thought I was getting the shit that just dissolves oh well, I guess I will get extra smypathy when I show my hubby haha and my lil Johnny touches my belly and says "mama booboo" and kisses them by slamming his big ol head into the wound , thanks big head hahaha. talk to ya later!!

  4. Congrats. I was banded on June 27th.... July 11th I start Stage 3 of soft foods. I cannot wait!

    1. thanks amy.. congrats to you as well! enjoy stage 3, I just got a food processor to turn yummy healthy food into baby food lol anything is better than liquid though right!!! have you lost since being banded Amy? when is your first fill?

  5. Sounds like a pretty good surgical experience! Welcome to the other side. :)


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