Tuesday, July 31, 2012


it pisses me off when I read someone complaining about what other people blog about, (but I will do that same thing right now) we are not here to brighten your day with happy bullshit, if something sucks we will say it sucks, if something is hard we say it is hard, it is not negativity it is honesty. I gotta say the people I follow and who follow me are all NORMAL you all have a mix of a whole lotta "positive" and a lil "negative" and by negative I mean "so I ate a chip and I hate myself for it", or "I wanted to eat a chip and didn't and was proud and then an hour later I ate one and now I am working it off" lol. but you all continue to inspire and motivate me, and make me laugh  :o)

     when I first was deciding to get the Lap band, I went around reading many of your blogs and was so happy to see the honesty and the true journey, the up and downs, it was what helped me make an informed decision. I really learned just as much from what some may call "negativity" as I did from the happy positive stuff.  thank you ladies!

   FYI>>>>>>our blogs are for ourselves first! and if you (followers/fellow bloggers) can learn something or get something out of it or help to motivate or be our cheerleaders great, but for most of us bandster bloggers it is kind of  a journal, something we do for accountability. We should all feel free to post complaints or negative feelings if we choose. We may all come from different worlds have different views and lives but we have this one thing in common, and to leave out any of the bad things about it is just nuts, you have to be able to vent, you have to be able to say "you know what this sucks sometimes" or "hey I suck I ate a cake" and not have to read the next day about someone complaining about your complaining (lol). for the people who choose to blog only happy crap, that's great but it would help you (and others trying to make the choice to get banded) if you just open up a lil and feel free to vent about the bad sometimes, not focus on it but just don't ignore it totally.

okay thats all - some may not agree with me but whatever.   oh and also I will say this, I do not like the bloggers who say they hate the band it did nothing for me, but then admit to eating like a beast these people give the band a bad reputation and I don't think that is awesome at all. those are the only bloggers that are negative to me. okey dokey I am done now, carry on.....


  1. Why you gotta be all negative and shit... jeeez. :p ;) *tongue in cheek*

    I had a comment on my blog las tnight that kinda bugged me. I know the person was trying to be supportive... but I felt like they though I ate TB and ice cream everyday and expected to lose. Haha. I WISH! ;)

    I love reading about the ups and downs. I agree... it is REAL that way. I hate it when people sugar coat this shit... because it is HARD with the band, it is HARD without it. Maybe if more people were properly informed before hand... there would be less "failures" of the band. Just sayin...

  2. so feeling like maybe I went off a lil in this post.... not sorry though, it is how I feel.

    1. Nah. Tiz how you feel. If someone doesn't like it... it's on them.

  3. AMEN! If people don't like what I write, unfollow me. I don't give two shits about having tons of followers, I just care about the friends I've made in this journey. You included!

  4. Reading about the good, the bad, and the ugly was exactly what I needed before my making my decision to be banded. I would have been all kinds of pissed if I had only read happy, positive things and then had no idea that the band would not cure my head hunger. And I personally don't want someone who expects perfection to follow my blog...cause they certainly won't find perfection here.

  5. I agree we need to be ourselves, if we want to get any kind of real support. You can't get real support, presenting a facade. I'm glad you are going to be yourself! :)

  6. I think it is important to keep it real in blog land..it makes me accountable and shows I am not Always on! I think taking ownership of your failures is important in growing so I love reading peoples journeys.

  7. I agree with you 100% my band bestie :)

  8. I'm all for the real deal folks. victories, failures and maintenance...all of it is important to share.


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