Tuesday, July 31, 2012

let me ask you..

let me ask you gals, what is your best at home quickie workout?  I was thinking about getting a jump rope, I bet it is really great cardio and probably burns lots of calories. I also have xbox kinect and a fitness "game" let me see the name ....one sec....your shape; fitness evolved... and I love that it is hard to do, well impossible really with the lil guy around cuz he gets in the screen shot and the virtual personal trainer lady is like ahh lift your leg and I am like thats my baby. so let me know what you do for a quick at home workout. talk later


  1. Jumping rope is awesome, and it's harder work than it seemed when we were on the playground! I took a fitness class in college a few semesters ago, and we did like 5 minutes of jump rope every week and that was the hardest part!

    I don't really workout at home, but I say what you're doing is probably great at this point. Or even just power walking your little man around the block a few times in a stroller would be awesome. Before it gets so hot during the day, of course! :)

  2. ZUMBA RUSH!!! It's an xbox kinect game. Get it. love it. do it. You can just do 1 song... or a mid-length class or if you have lots of time a full length class. It's awesome...and there are different levels so you can start out on "slow lazy ass" mode as I like to call it. That and I have dance central... it's good too!

  3. I run up and down the stairs...

  4. the best thing i did before going back to the gym was just walking...around the block or all throughout the house. SPEED walking, that is. and did you know that's an olympic sport now?!?!


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