Sunday, July 1, 2012

my right here hurts....

For like a year I would get this pain in my upper abdomen that went straight thru to my back and I would always say to Sean " my right here hurts" with my hand under my right boob, So, finally when I was convinced I had gallstones I had some labs done, yes, amylase & lipase they were within normal range sooo I figured it was just whatever "idiopathic" but then I demanded an ultrasound, the tech was a dumbo and could not get good pictures she sucked and they didnt see any gallstones, I told my doctor that I did not trust the results because the tech was a moron but the pain stopped for while so I didnt really complain about it to my Dr. again... then when I was pregnant I had yummy BBQ meatloaf and mac-n-cheese and OMG I had such pain "my right here hurt" so bad I actually took 2 vicodin (doc said okay even though I was pregnant to take 'em) that didnt work, when I went the next day for my weekly NST (fun) I had them do an ultrasound and boom there on the screen gallstones I friggin knew it!!! they are big and they said they have been around awhile based on the size, so all along I had them. I know my body, all along I knew I had 'em it was convincing my primary doc to listen, she does now and pretty much I am my own damn doctor she just has the Rx pad lol. I do like her, she is great now that we understand eachother (she listen to me!!) anywhooo my right here hurts today, and my surgeon says that I will most likely have to have my gallbladder out in the near future, it is common after lapband surgery and I already have stones sooo just thought I would ramble on about that for a few minutes.... also I sucked on 2 gummi bears yesterday I did not eat bite or chew them and I spit them out! I just had to taste them, I opened the bag that johnny (son) got Sean (hubby) for his birthday (lol) and they smelled soooo good, lol I usually dont eat them. Today I bought my chewy vitamins that my nutritionist said to buy, I got (target) gummi vitamins they are just like a gummi bear lol yum, and I also got chewy calcium they are creamy and dreamy Mmmmm.... I am sure once I can actually eat something I will not think they are so dreamy, but for now they are my chewy goodness.

ADDED 7/2   I forgot to mention what meds I take, I do not have hypertension like many overweight peeps so thats awesome, but I do have hypothyroidism so I take levoxyl 25mcg. I was hyperthyroid in the past but the endo. put an end to that, put me on PTU for 18 months and now I am hypo, nice!


  1. Oh wow, big ol' gallstones. That's nuts! I really wish more medical professionals would learn to listen to their patients... we know when something's not right with our own bodies. :(

    1. I agree, I really am so in tune with my body. I really know when something is just not right, like when I went to my physical this May, I knew my HGB A1c was going to come back elevate and it did, and thats when getting the Lapband became my mission, here I am 6 weeks later. oh hey Ronnie, how long was your recovery? like how long 'til you were able to walk upstairs and clean up, lift 20 lbs lol (my son is 23 lbs) I better be up and about in 2 days lol cuz i got shit to do hahaha

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