Wednesday, August 1, 2012

a few random things..

1.) I wish that at least one of you blogging buddies lived in Massachusetts... seems like most of my peeps are not even close to New England... boohoo
2.) I really cant wait for my first fill, and I hope my surgeon isn't stingy with the saline... or I will kick him in the nuts (in my head thousands of times on the drive home).
3.) why does my 22 month old feel the need to head butt me awake in the morning, yes he sleeps in our bed- I have maybe 18" of space in our queen size bed, but I do love to snuggle him.
4.)today is my weigh in day and I forgot to weigh myself  when I woke up and will do that next pee trip upstairs.. and tell you here .........  ***251**** lbs *** 3 ****lbs lost!!! since last week.
5.) I really want a hair cut, but have no idea what to do with it, also I want to color it I have been letting it grow out for 3 years and have not colored it, but the gray hairs are starting to really make me look like.. well I don't know what, but bad! also I need an eyebrow wax. soooo make overtime... I will post pics.

oh and 6. I really really really wish my hubby would get banded, I hope to talk him into it in time for surgery this Fall when his work slows down a bit and he can take some time off, fingers crossed...


  1. I live in (old) England - not quite the same is it... xx

  2. I would say I wish I lived there... but I'm a Texan, and that would be blasphemy. :(

    I just got my hair cut, too. Had no idea what to do with it... so I just got a trim. Have a girlfriend help you dye it. That's what I do - so much cheaper. (I'm broke, so no luxuries for me. LOL)

  3. I would love to dye my hair... but my hair grows too fast... so I stick with natural for now.

    my hubby changed his eating habits with me and has lost weight. he also goes to the gym with me. maybe your hubby can start there?

  4. Still waiting on that weigh in missy!!! *taps foot and crosses arms*

    I'm with ya on the hair... I asked hubby for advise on what color to dye it... he said "don't, i like it natural" IS he high!? didn't know poop brown was a sexy color!?!?

    1. HAHA!!! okay so down 3 pounds WOOT WOOT.. lol I thought fo sho I was gonna be a porka but I am sizzlean lol how the fu??? cuz I feel like I was kinda being a fatty, but I guess I got away with it this week so no I am sooo gonna do smaller portions and no drinking wth my food DAMN I keep doing it, but I said I would stop at 4 weeks post op and here I am sooo, ya.

      my hair color is not just grays everywhere but also so effin blah just no life no shine I need some color, maybe maybe maybe gonna be a red head... but I have been saying that for like 15 years and never do that , but maybe now I will hmmmm ... I know poop brown with some gray is not working out lol hey someone un-followed me :o( they must have hated my rant yesterday, I have PMS and kinda bitchy, so I guess F'em lol

  5. I live in old England too and I am not sure where the New England states are in relation to each other or how far apart but Vanessa lives up that way I think.

    Her blog is:

  6. My hair gores super fast so I have to color it myself every 2-3 weeks. Every few months I go to the salon for a cut and color...and it always makes me feel so good. You should totally treat yourself to a day at the salon!

  7. I also want to cut my hair....and have been trying to figure out a style, but it's been so long my hair is past my shoulders now...guess I better make a decision soon. Congrats on the weight feels good doesn't it! Nice blog.

  8. I live in Massachusetts! I haven't started my band blog yet (maybe tomorrow while I'm procrastinating grading papers) but I have my surgery scheduled for December 13 at Norwood Hospital!!! Feel free to email me at ppiva at charter dot net!! :)


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