Tuesday, August 14, 2012

first fill, maybe???

my lil guy is up with a fever of 101.6... so this is a quickie...

2-moro I go see my surgeon and I should be getting my first fill!!! I really hope I get it. for some reason I am starting to just feel like it isnt gonna happen IDK why..

I am feeling great about my loss so far, am actually under 250 lbs ( 248) and that makes me happy....but with my fill I know I will be losing more and with a little less will power required...

talk 2-moro ...

UPDATE!!!   Johnnys fever was 103.5 at 6 am.... so I have to cancel my appt. and take him to see the Pediatrician.  he doesn't seem to have a cold or flu or any ear infection or UTI, it must be viral and he is fighting it off but I just want to have him seen.. my poor lil guy. at first the other day when it was a low grade fever I blamed his teething, he is getting some molars and has always had fevers with teething, but now since yesterday it has been getting higher, so not the teeth. he is just laying on the love seat watching curious George with his sippy cup of milk, binky and a lil airplane being an angel.

I hope my surgeons office can reschedule my first fill asap!! it stinks I have to miss it but I would not want to leave my poor feverish guy with my inlaws, he is all about his mama when he is sick....


  1. good luck on the fill tomorrow! and WAY TO GO on the loss. under 250 is fantabulous!

    and i hope the little one feels better! poor baby!

  2. Good luck with your appointment, I've got my fingers crossed you get a fill! You're doing so so well! x

  3. oh the poor little guy...I hate it when my boy has such a high fever they usually just cuddle and hug(and that only happens for me, when he is sick!)


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