Friday, August 17, 2012

I'm on my way...

heading out the door soon, going to my surgeons office for a 11:30 appointment. I really hope I get my first fill today, now that I am thinking they didn't really say "hey next visit you get your fill", they just said we will see where you are at... so I am really hoping they fill 'er up, if not I will be so pissed and I will demand a fill ASAP... but I shall think positive for now..... wish me luck! oh I had a slice of cold pizza for b-fast so that was dumb! what the hell was I thinking.....


  1. Well you may not be able to eat leftovers in the am much longer! lol! crossing my fingers you get that fill!

  2. Good luck!!! If they don't fill you I will drive up there and shank them. ;)

    Why did they not fill you at your last appointment?


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