Tuesday, August 21, 2012

more to come... this is just a few summer dishes.

here are some dishes I make very often, (tonight I am making the first 2 plus corn on the cob for dinner) they are some of my summer favs... just thought I would post them no big secret recipes lol mostly store bought ingredients, but yummy just the same, really fall recipes are my specialty and I am working on a post and a new "tab" on my blog for those and more recipes, that may or may not be band friendly hahaha

grilled lime chicken

2 chicken breast each cut into 3 big pieces, 2 if small breast

1.5 teaspoon of nellie and joes key lime juice

about 1 cup Newmans Own lite Caesar dressing

marinate for like 3 or 4 hours then grill to perfection! I love to serve (and eat) this Chicken with cranberry sauce.

Marinated garden tomatoes

 beautiful vine ripened garden tomatoes, or store bought (but please people do not refrigerate your tomatoes it really makes them horrible..)

Newmans lite Balsamic vinaigrette

sea salt (to taste)

fresh ground black pepper

fresh basil chopped

marinate for at least 2 hours, do not put in the fridge... I serve this all summer long with many meals and at every BBQ. these are also SO GOOD with this recipe below.

 Hot or cold pesto pasta

Barilla plus farfalle (1/2 box) ...*protein baby!*

2 teaspoons "classico" pesto (add more after mixing if desired)

parm cheese fancy shredded

1/2 - 3/4 cup of rotisserie chicken breast make this a nice delish meal too, but not so great cold for a bandster.

make sure the pasta is not wet before mixing the pesto and cheese into it. I usually splash a little of the " balsamic juice" from the marinated tomatoes in also but only after it has been mixed and the pesto is "sticking" to the pasta.....  oh and I would never eat or serve this without the tomatoes above.... that's how good they are together.

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