Wednesday, August 15, 2012

no fill today

no fill today people.....

Johnny has a fever, his Pedi doesn't need to see him unless it sticks around 'til Friday, but I just wanna stay home with my guy and snuggle him.....

so my new fill appointment is Friday the 17th at 1130. that is great cuz I did not want to have to wait much longer, goodness I have to get some restriction, the portions that I am eating are not really cutting it for 4 hours, but my loud belly will just have to be happy with what it gets and shut down the noise factory, it is so loud it is like "hey you, I wont be ignored! feed me, eat a pie will ya!"  speaking of pies, Fall is coming my Fav!!!!


  1. GAH! The loudness is ridiculous! I have to admit, I have ate over a cup at almost every meal for the past few days. I just feel like I'm starving :( yay for fill friday?

  2. Sorry your little one isn't feeling good, hopefully it will pass quickly. Glad they can get you in so quick.

  3. Glad you could get in Friday! Hope your little guy is better asap.

  4. Hope your little man feels better soon! x

  5. That's awesome that you got in again so soon, I was worried about you going crazy waiting too much longer. :)


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