Monday, August 27, 2012

pics...and not much else.. lol

Since my husband was laid off we have been trying to do some things together that we usually don't have time for during the summer because he is usually soooo busy at work. I have been happy having him home with us during the day ( so far lol) today we tool Johnny to the Library to get a few books and a "kit" which is 4 or 5 books on a subject along with a puppet, a puzzle, a musical component, and a dvd or music cd, so  like we today got "the farm kit"  in it we got 5 books about farms, and pigs, and hens... etc.. also a pig puppet who is very awesome, a farm chunky puzzle, wooden egg's that you shake, he loves those they are the musical bit, and a cd with farm-ish kids music.. I really love that our Library has these kits for toddlers! next time we will get the "bear kit"...

so anyways we took Johnny to the playground after the Library ...... not much else going on, no weight gain, no weight loss just staying at 248... ??? maybe because it is my T.O.M maybe after that joyous gift I will see that maybe I lost  wouldn't that be nice...  ok ladies ... here are some pics of me and my lil guy today , oh my hubby may be in a few too :O)   

OH AND IN OTHER NEWS, MY 2ND FILL IS FRIDAY!  because the first fill of 4.2 cc has really done nothing still on pure will power here and doing very well I gotta say, who knew.... I will be back in the mood to blog for a nice weigh in Wednesday this week, and a TTT and a 2nd fill post Friday so watch out I am back baby hahaha


  1. So glad that you are taking advantage of the time you have now as a family unit. It will be over soon enough. I hope it is over just about the time you want your day back :):):)

  2. Those kits sound WONDERFUL!!!! What a terrific idea someone had to make them!

    I love all the pics - glad you sound so happy. I ditto Tina's hope!

  3. Good work ... It's hard every day is a new food journey for me.

  4. gotta love those fills..they keep you moving..those kits do sound like a great idea!

  5. I feel ya girl... will power isn't gonna cut it forever! My 2nd fill is on Sept. 6th I can't wait. I can basically eat whatever I want right now.

  6. I love that you're teaching him to appreciate books, that's so important! :)

    And I hear ya, bandster hell is still alive and well, sounds like. Hopefully, they get you taken care of with this next fill. Good luck on Friday!


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