Friday, August 31, 2012

sea sick...

first off, let me tell ya about my sea sickness, well that's what I call it, though I haven't been on a boat in a few years, how 'bout motion sickness... so since my first fill I have been getting so sick in the car if I am driving or riding for longer than 10 minutes- it is awful, we went to the beach yesterday it was about an hour away, sick on the way there but nothing like the way home OMG I was dying I had my husband pull over on the highway so I could throw up for the first time in like years... horrible feeling with the lapband weird and kinda thought my eyes were gonna pop out of my head but they stayed in thank God.. lol.  So I went in for my 2nd fill today and told the N.P about the motion sickness I have been having and she did a barium swallow everything was fine and she did see that the 4.2cc gave me no restriction, so yadda yadda yadda I now have 7cc in my 14cc band,14ccs? yes 14!! "mini wtf"  my surgeon uses 14cc bands on everyone IDK why... anyways they think the motion sickness is just some water in my ear or something, nothing to do with my lapband or my fill just a kawinky dink that it started the day of my 1st fill... hmmm.

so hubby is still out of work, no $ from unemployment yet, they have a max of I think $650 per week plus $25 per week for each child lets see how long we can live on that (not very) and don't get me started on the health insurance at $1500 per month.... but other than all that crap it has been good having him home, we have done a few things as a family that we would have never been able to do this summer if not for him being out of work, and Johnny is loving having him home, though he does miss his nana who usually visits a few times a week, but not when hubby is home, she loves my hubby just does'nt get down with the visiting while he is home thing, old fashion house wife thingy going on, she thinks I will be busy bringing slippers and cold drinks to him hahaha ya right silly nana lol...

Yard sale tomorrow , selling lots of crap to make more room in the cellar for my "gym" I hope I sell it all, I do not want to bring it back in the house once it is out lol... free shit here after 2pm 2-moro lol

hope you are all well, I have been trying to jump on here and there the past week but have been kinda busy, I am quite jealous of those of you going to BOOBS and I can not wait to be there next year!  I bought a dress I would love to fit in for BOOBS 2013 .

oh BTW I am still at 248 WTF... better than 249 or 250 etc....... at this rate I will never be wearing the for mentioned dress...

ok ladies time for some iced coffee with just a splash of kahlua ..... have a great long weekend ...


  1. So good to hear from you!! Well, you'll have to keep us posted how this fill goes then. Sounds like maybe the water in your ear is giving you vertigo maybe then? My hubs got that once and he was a mess - soooo sick for weeks. I hope you feel better a.s.a.p.

    Funny about why nana doesn't Hope she can change her mind on that one!

  2. Wow, that is strange... never heard of anyone having that problem. Have you checked out the forums to see if anyone else has ever experienced anything like that?

    I hope there's going to be a BOOBs 2013. I most likely won't be going, but it's a blast and everyone should be able to go at least once! Start saving your pennies now! :)

  3. The motion sickness is so wierd... hopefully it is just a koinky dink. Hopefully 7 cc's will have you feeling at least a little restriction! I go for my 2nd fill on Thursday, I'm super excited! :)

  4. good luck on the fill and I hope hubby finds a job ASAP!


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