Tuesday, September 25, 2012

82 days and 32 pounds later....

these 2 pictures are what made me decide to get lap band surgery. When I saw these pictures I realized that at that weight (274) and size (20), when I said "being fat doesn't bother me, I am happy" It was not the truth any longer, I had gotten to the point that it was bothering me, it was affecting my life, my being a good mom was harder, playtime was painful, my back hurt SO bad, everything was in some way was starting to be a lil bit different because I was fat, I had never felt that way before I had never felt that my being fat changed how I was living other that be a fat girl it didn't make me behave differently just same ol me always,  I have not been fat my whole life, so I remember being thin and I know that I felt the same up intil this year right about the time these (horrible) photos were taken... I am lucky to have had "glory days" and I want them back! .... so anyways these pictures made me think one thing.....

that was me... then....

on July 5, 2012 I got my lil gadget, my lap band! and this is me 82 days later....

this picture is a bad one, but it was the most recent, I will have my hubby take one tomorrow and put in in right under here........
but there is a big difference I think... I feel so much better, my face is smaller my belly is smaller and I am down 32 pounds so it has to be gone from somewhere right lol actually these pants are my husbands pajama pants (I am wearing in the yard in the pic above) so you cant see, but my bum is smaller!
so here it is in numbers.......
starting weight 274 pounds
current weight 242 pounds!!!
*****32 pounds down******
92 pounds 'til I hit my goal... I got this!!
here I am last time I was about 150 pounds
that is a brownie lol working on getting rid of that flat belly!


  1. you totally can tell the difference! AWesome job working it girl---you should be proud!

  2. BIG difference. Love it. You are doing great!

  3. Oh hell yes there's a difference!! We are doing it! :) We are changing our lives, creating a better future for our children! It's funny to me how the "fat" pictures used to make me feel so horrible...now they give me motivation like no other ;)

  4. Yowza! You are doing great! :-) I can see such a difference. How much does your son weigh? I bet you have lost more than he weighs. I used to think in those terms when I was carrying my kids around - because it can be tiring carrying them. You've probably lost your son plus the car seat by now. ;-)

  5. You're looking wonderful and have made incredible progress! Very proud of you and hope you are of yourself! x


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