Wednesday, September 5, 2012

feeling charitable, votes

hello bloggy buddys I wonder if you would be so kind as to vote for my lil guy here I entered him into a Gerber photo contest for $50,000 for college and the way my hubbys job search is going (he got laid off 2 weeks ago) Johnny is going to need that $50,000 ... (pitty votes are accepted lol) anywho, if you have the time it would be awesome, and you can vote daily if you have lots of time lol okay that is enough begging thanks for reading. stay tuned for my next post (2-moro) lots of me yapping and complaining about my COBRA costing me $1500 per month, while a convicted murderer is getting a sex change operation paid for by me and the other taxpayers gggrrrrrrrr! well on that note good night all Happy September, and remember VOTE FOR MY JOHNNY!!!! :o) 

 OKAY SO I DONT THINK THE LINK WORKS SOOOOO go to my facebook page and click on the "thingy" I posted there to vote pretty please... with splenda on top. 

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