Sunday, September 9, 2012

still losing..

the other day my mother was saying how I have to get back on track, but I have not gone off track I think that because I do not talk about how I am doing daily anymore and I do not talk about the great food choices I have been making she must have assumed I had fallen off the wagon, but I have not I am really doing great, I think I just do not talk about it because it is just my way of life now, and I am in the groove ( lol ) just going along eating right, eating little, and eating only when I am hungry not bored or just because it is lunch time or dinner time. I am happy that my mom noticed that I have not mentioned it much lately,  she is use to me maybe being on a diet and sneaking off and not talking about it anymore so I am happy that she is here for accountability, I cant just not blog for awhile she is here 2 town away so she will know when I am being bad haha, but I am happy to say I am still rocking my band doing it right and I am down another 4 pounds. so my weight now is 244 thank you very much lol ..... love ya Ma thanks for checking on me...  

lets see what else...
my hubby is still out of work...
my lil guy will be 2 years old in 3 weeks ( OMG!! )
I have had 2 yardsales cleared out lots of space in the basement for my Gym & made $180 ( not bad )
we are going apple & pumpkin picking tomorrow, I love living in New England!
it is 64 chilly degrees and rainy, yesterday was 80's and humid that is New England....but here comes Fall woohoo, LOVE my New England fall...


  1. Woooohoooo!! So glad you are doing good! You are kickin some serious ass girlfran! I on the other hand WAS off track and am back on track now! Im finally feeling some restriction and I hope it lasts longer than a few days like last time. Oh please take me apple and pumpkin picking with you!!! I can't wait to take my little ones to the "punky patch" as my oldest called it last year lol

  2. I'm with ya... It's good to just move on. After all this is our new normal. I hate people always asking me "how much weight you lost ?". God I just want to scream.

  3. I miss is cooler here though..only in 90'! You are doing great..making your new norm!

  4. Glad to hear you don't need to get back on track!! lol :-)

    Wtg on that garage sale too -woot! And nice that it means progress towards your gym. :-)

    I miss New England fall!

  5. I'm totally jealous of your NE life. :)


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