Sunday, September 16, 2012

what is with me?

what is with me lately I just cant seem to get motivated to finish a post, I start them and then something comes up, like cat puke on the rug, or Johnny waking up at 11pm just to chill for 2 hours... anyways I am going in for another fill 2-moro I hope this is the one that makes me feel like I have a band, because lately with 7cc in my 14cc band I don't really feel my tool lol I am still going strong with will power, but I feel like I would be losing better if I had my tool working with me...

I have been working on a 2 month update since my 2 month bandiversary lol and still it is not done, wtf am i waiting for, maybe I just wish I was able to report a better loss, or better after pics with a more noticeable difference -I guess I am just going to finish the dang post and let you guys be the judge, it is hard for me to tell cuz I see me everyday lol...

I have been fighting the urge to cut off all of my hair, I have beat the urge, my hair is here to stay (for now lol) but I am going to get it colored..

oh shit I almost forgot to mention my NSV's

ok, 1.) I can shave in the shower sooo much easier now
      2.) I fit in some of my pre pregnancy jeans
      3.) I am actually starting to feel smaller, like crossing my legs, sitting cuddled on the couch, etc. I feel pretty tiny sometimes (though I am farrrr from tiny lol lmao!)
     4.) getting Johnny into his car seat is a lot easier for me now, I am less in my own way!

I am enjoying these things...

well just know that the 2 month post is coming next and I swear on my cats life it will have pics... hope you are all rocking your bands...

I will leave you with this pic of me and Johnny a few weeks ago at the beach...


  1. I'm excited to see you have a 14cc band too! I do as well! Most people I've read about have the smaller band. Keep up your great work and congrats on those NSVs!

  2. Congrats on your NSV's! It is important to take note and appreciate those! :)

  3. So glad you are noticing the improvements that is what helps keep you motivated! Great job working it!

  4. Oh girl I feel you... I have attempted to make like 5 posts in the last couple of weeks and they never get finished! I have my 2 month bandiversary post about 3/4 of the way done too lol I will be posting that soon...I hope :)

  5. Lady. You are NOT going to lose all your weight overnight, or even in 6 months, or even in a year, possibly. (Yeah, I just scared you, and I'm sorry. lol)

    You are wherever you are, and you need to own it and jump around waving your arms and saying, "LOOK HOW MUCH I'VE LOST!!" because any is awesome! Some people don't lose with the band at all.

    Hope your fill went well!


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