Friday, October 26, 2012

3 month bandiversary...

let me just start by saying it is about 21 days past my 3 month anniversary, as much as I wanted to have the time to sit and be able to think about anything other than, at home mom stuff, and housewife stuff, I did not have much time, so here it is baby I hope I can keep you tuned in 'cuz not much has happened in weeks because I have no health insurance right now so that means no fills since getting topped off at 9cc not too long ago. so let me see where to start......

my weight at my first appt with surgeon 274.9 pounds

my weight morning of surgery         259.4     pounds

my current weight     238.8 pounds  (word)

I am kinda happy and mad about that last #  I know I could have been down a lot more if I got in more exercise seriously no more excuses about that, why the hell would I not go down the cellar for 15 or 20 minutes a day , it would make me happier with my weekly weigh ins not because it would make me lose more, well not only that, but because I would not have to hear the lil voice in my head when I look at the scale saying " well, ya that's great but it could be better, if you got off your ass porka"  but then on the other hand I am very proud of myself when I think of just how bad I could be and when I think of how I do get in my exercise daily, I know I am confusing you but what I think I am trying to say is this....
 I have to stop comparing myself to the me I would be if I had nothing but time for me, I am not that me and I have to just accept that when I was thinking about how hard I was going to work at this and all of the exercising I was going to do and whatever while I was in preop phase, I was thinking of me and me alone- big mistake! I could never have the time or energy to live up to my own expectations, not the me who has to make breakfast lunch dinner and drinks and snacks and playtime and stories, and everything else for my lil guy, plus diaper changes, tubbys, bedtimes and naptimes, and laundry and just sitting down for 5 seconds (to watch caillou of course)... I have decided to set more realistic weekly exercise goals for myself, I dont know what would be a good idea of like how many hours in a week I should aim for but I think that setting a weekly # would help, (any ideas?)

I have been really thinking about my goal weight ( I have decided on 150)  and I know I will get there and I (kinda) know how.  I am going to stop putting this 1 year time limit on myself, and I am going to make a more mommy friendly workout plan so I can stop feeling like a mini failure when I should be feeling like WHOA I have lost 37 pounds in 116 days....

lets see what else ......OH can I just say I hate 241, I stayed 241 for a lot more weeks than I should have it was like 3 weeks! but now I am happily at 238.8 and I will never have to see 241 on my scale again... I do hate you 241 you are a bastard, F- you and the cookie you rode in on.   

here are a few  pics of me for your viewing pleasure  from day of surgery to now




 about 1 month post op

about 2 months post op

                                                 3 months post op
37 pounds down woohoo :o)

                                      and my lil guy, Johnny.


  1. Hey I just wanted to comment that I am also down 38 lbs in about the same time frame. I work out 5 days a week 2 with a personal trainer. Exercise is important but honestly I am proof it is more about your food choices. 300 min each week I spend and we are on the same line.

    Keep making your good choices

  2. Congrats on the loss!!! :) Once you get moving it is easier to stay moving. So get moving! :)

  3. Tee ..Losing 5 pounds is better then gaining 5 so your "THE SHIT" dont put a time on it cuz in 1,2, or 3 years you'll be saying OMG i remember I weighed like a metric ton but look at me now..haha..( I'm actually basking in your beauty as we speak!) I know your band helps but YOU did this and band or no band eat right ,do poorgirls exercixe (park and lifting cans) By any means Tee! x*x* < cartwheel ;)

    1. thank you for the cartwheels lol oh and I have weights and a jump rope and workout "games" for the wii and xbox and I also have the tony little Gazelle which I love I just have to take more time for more exercise. I am the shit you're right hahaha

  4. Geeze Theresa!! I've been over here having a freaking heartattack waiting for this damn post!!! J/K, well, I have been lol

    Girl, you are doing WONDERFUL!!! I know how you feel though, I had all these fairy tales in my head about how I was going to work out an hour a day yada yada yada... UMMM YEAH FRIKKEN RIGHT!!! I haven't had a "set" exercise in weeks. I do good to stay awake long enough to get the girls in bed. My goal is 150 too. We can do it chicka! We are gonna be some sesssah bittchheeess!!!

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  6. You are doing so so well!! You really are - and the changes are so clear in your pictures. It takes more time than we think it will or want it to, but I try and tell myself it will take as long as it takes because my brain is slow on the uptake and slow is better because it means it will last. Not sure if that made sense! But congratulations and lots of love to you xxx

  7. Be happy and celebrate what you have lost..don't kick yourself on the exercise. As a busy mom, I get it, sometimes you have to adlib, you may not get in organized exercise may not be the exercise you want to do. BUT MOVE, walk more, take your little boy out on numerous walks a day, lift weights during nap time..and GET YOUR sleep....being tired is no way to get exercise I really think diet is 90% of it. Really watch snacking.


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