Saturday, October 20, 2012

bad blogger

I have been kinda busy... I was working on a 3 month anniversary post and I am still not done... so here is just a quick hello .....


ya know what I am really starting to think I need another fill! is it normal to feel that you are in the green zone for a few weeks after a fill and then start to notice that you need another fill? I have 9cc in my 14cc band ( I kinda hate that my Dr uses 14cc bands in all of his patients and I am mad at myself for not thinking to even ask about the size of the band before surgery,  I did not find out, or ask 'til my first fill- I do think they should have told me though ) anyways I need a fill and I have no health insurance STILL!  well my lil guy is in his toy box so gotta go ..... will finish up the 3 month post soon I promise....

oh and here I am the other day at the zoo.


  1. We are patiently awaiting your 3 month post!!!! Me, not so patiently lol! Get on it!! :)

  2. totally natural for your fill level to change. I find as I lose the weight my fill is not as restrictive as it used to be..not sure if that is that fat no longer being around the band as tight as it used to!

  3. Your fill level will change as you lose weight and the fat around your stomach disappears. It is a good/bad thing. lol.


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