Wednesday, October 3, 2012

feeling good

my lil guy is 2 years old! wow I cant believe it! we had his birthday party the other day just his grandparents came but he had sooo much fun he loves to be the center of attention so for him it was perfect without other kids.

 I got another fill today .....  .5 cc , so that brings me up to 9 ccs in my 14cc band. I think this is gonna do it!  .... my weight this morning was 241 :o)
oh and....
I have had quite a few NSV lately.....

1.) I fit into a pair of size 16 jeans, fit into but cant wear or sit in them lol but they did button and zipper and I could breath.
2.)I feel pretty again
3.) I am big on wearing pajamas @ home, like as soon as I am in the house I change into PJs and lately I have been wearing cute PJs not just comfy, and I bought some sexy slippers (well sexier than the huge pink ones I use to wear)
4.) I actually put on makeup the other day! and wore my hair down! have not done that in awhile.

thats all I can think of right now (@ midnight) but I will leave you with a few pics of my lil guys bday party for your viewing pleasure....


  1. First of all.... Effin' A on those NSV's!!! They are usually better than what the scale says! Me and my scale are not friends right now... unless the number changes by friday...then we can be friends again :)

    He is so stinking cute... I LOVE the picture where he is laying on daddy... just precious! :)

  2. you have a beautiful family. the party looks fun. Congrats on the NSV!

  3. awesome NSVs! i love to read about everyone's NSVs. and can i just say you have a very handsome little cutie!


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