Friday, October 5, 2012

sisterly shout out.

hello all....

so my sister has started a blog, she does not have a lapband  BUT she is losing weight, and getting fit and she would really benefit from the support blogging can provide, so please check out her blog here and follow if you like. This is Jess's first blog ever so her writing skills, like mine, may leave something to be desired, but she is funny and real! She is a mom to 4,   3 teen girls and 1 preteen boy and a Nana to 1 girl. She has much to say, be it about parenting, weight loss or just life... oh how can I forget, she has like 5 dogs so all you dog lovers check her out lol... Tee  


  1. I am following your sis...I tried to leave a comment but something went wrong. Tell her good luck and welcome to blogland from me!


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