Thursday, October 4, 2012

welll hello there

I noticed today that I have a few new followers, hello to you! welcome lol I am warning ya now that I usually write very boring posts lol but I am trying to get better this is my first blog and I have only been doing it for about 4 months so please forgive me for the many things wrong with this blog haha but I do hope you learn something... I actually want to start doing some more stuff with it like writing about things that I think people don't care to know, maybe you all do care what I eat, what I do for exercise, or the reason why I didn't exercise on a certain day lol I mean after all this is a blog about me having a lap band and my journey to my goal weight (140 ish) I know I have to start putting out some more "stuff" because I know when I was looking for info when I was trying to make the decision to get banded I wanted to know EVERYTHING  what bandsters ate, how much, how it felt getting a fill, how often did you have to go in for post-op....etc... oh and pictures I really liked seeing pictures when I was looking for info so I know for sure I have to start posting more of all of that ^ stuff lol ....

SO ANYWAYS WELCOME NEW PEEPS, if I am not following you already please leave a comment with your info :o)          Tee 

here I am right now :o)


  1. You are just so pretty! Glad you are here to share your journey!

  2. You are gorgeous!!! I love to get new never gets old!

  3. Yay Tee! Your face is TOTALLY thinning out! :)


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