Monday, November 12, 2012

broken scale?, or slacking mama?

                                            I would like to use my scale for target practice!
                                   (yes thats me at the range,shooting an M&P 9mm compact)

I dont know why I have not seen the scale move, I am still at 237. I have not been doing anything differently and maybe that is the problem I have to add another "workout session" a day and I have to set a meal schedule and stick to it no snacking in between meal time. I am thinking maybe something like
  • breakfast @ 8am
  • lunch @ 12pm
  • lite snack or protein shake @ 3pm
  • dinner @ 6pm
I know that I do way to much bite here bite there during the day, lil of this lil of that while cooking for Johnny, that ends TODAY!     

Scheduled meals----- thats the only way I am going to get to my goal.......

here are a few of my meal choices, I know these are not the best but they are the only ones I have taken pictures of this week.

                                this is one of my go to lunches or dinner, baked mac & cheese with tomatoes
I am thinking about adding plain greek yogurt when mixing the cheese for some added protein. this only about 3/4 c of mac&cheese and 1/2 c tomatoes and I can never finish the entire thing  (but I try lol)

                                       I LOVE these, one of my favorite choices for dinner or lunch with a lil tomato sauce for dipping, and I never get stuck on these (knock on wood) if I have these for dinner I have 4. I am a calorie and protein counter, I do not count fat or anything else.  by the way I love Trader Joe's !!!!!

I hope to see a change on the scale now that I have a new plan. I also have a mini goal to get to 220 by Christmas, wish me luck! I am going to work hard to get use to a schedule and stick to it.

                                                                 I promise! (myself)

In other news, we got about 6" of snow the other day, already! I was happy to see it, I do love the snow I would love a nice blizzard this year, as long as we do not lose power again!!! we are seriously due for a white Christmas too.  how 'bout a pic of the latest snow, sure here ya go.

 my street (from my side door)
we are going to my in-laws for Thanksgiving this year, I figured I would be better off if I didn't do the cooking (snacking and testing all damn day everything I make) I am going to say right now that I AM HAVING A SLICE OF PECAN PIE! I am going to allow myself a slice and I will accept the consequences and not complain about the gain, this is my first holiday season with my lapband and I am trying to be realistic about the choices I am going to make, I figure if I plan for them I can have more control and will not end up saying well I might as well eat everything in sight now that I ate a slice of pie, anyways I know it is 10 days away and I will write up a tgiving eating plan and post it before then so thats enough about tgiving and delicious gooey buttery crispy chewy pecan pie, for now!  do you have a plan? do you have any tips for a gal who plans on eating pecan pie? lol
oh I almost forgot to tell ya........ I got another fill I am at 9.5 cc in my 14cc band, but I need another fill. I do not feel that I am in my green zone yet, maybe at 10cc. I also do not want to get to the point where I can not eat certain things, I want it to be more about portion not making it so I cant eat a bite of an English muffin without standing over the sink spitting out slim and felling like I have a loaf of bread in my chest. (good times)
goodbye for now folks.
Tee     :o)


  1. It all looks good but seems high in carbs. Carbs don't keep me full as long. I think you should try more protein

  2. I had to cut the carbs alot from my diet...I was calorie good 1400-1600 + working out. My body just holds onto it and wont let go. My trainer took my scale, but I can feel a difference in just 10 days of eating not carb free, but much less carbs.

    I want to try those little balls! I'm on it and report back to you if I liked.

  3. i've been teeter-tottering between 237-238 for about a month now and i swear the day i see 236 i'll probably celebrate in grand!

    hang in there!

  4. yay for plans!!! lol

    What I am going to do is have a protein shake for breakfast and then use a small plate for Tgiving lunch. I am not going to deprive myself of the deserts I am just going to have like half slices lol

  5. I know lots of carbs in the meals I posted pics of but I assure you I eat protein at almost every meal, if not I at least have a greek yogurt for a snack that day, carbs are bad I know it I am going to really try to cut them down low low lowwwww ... thanks for the tips ladies


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