Tuesday, November 20, 2012

hall out the holly...

let me just say this has nothing to do with my band, so tune out if you like.... lol.................................. 

My Christmas Tree is up, we got a real one this year I know it is early but I wanted to be all done with decorating by Thanksgiving.  I Love the tree it is the nicest real tree I ever had, it is a Fraser fir and has a great shape, height and width. I am excited to start and finish, so far I have the lights on and the topper, tonight when John is sleeping I will decorate it.  I am doing the outside stuff this afternoon, I am going to be the first in the neighborhood to have lights outside lol maybe the 1st in the USA lol.   pics of my tree will be coming whether you like it or not lol I love me some Christmas.


  1. oh I can't wait to see pics. I would love to put up my tree but it would dry out down here in PHX a few of my neighbors put there lights up this weekend.

  2. oooh I cant wait to put up my Christmas lights, but the tree wont go up until late on the 23rd. Cant wait to see the pics :D

  3. Happy Thanksgiving (and early Christmas!!!)

  4. damn girl... kenz is BEGGING us to put the tree up!

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