Tuesday, November 13, 2012

more protein = less me

I did really good today with proteins up and carbs down I am very proud of myself for that, also I did not snack AT ALL!!!!!!  no picking no bites of Johnny's lunch while feeding him, no grabbing a hand ful of sunchips, no halloween candy (thank Christ thats gone) I was super dooper good today and with the protein not snacking was actually like easy, it didnt really take will power I was just all set with putting anything in my mouth, and I mean anything haahahaa ok ok thats enough of that..... so anyways I put a sidexside pic on my b4 and after tab up there ^ and when I see it like that I am like whoa what a big change I am so happy and so proud of myself. I am also ready and motivated to do even better and get to the goal I set, getting to the # on the scale I want, and person in the mirror I want to see, but most importantly I can not wait to be the mom, women, wife, daughter, sister, aunt who worked her butt off to not get diabetes!!!  

talk again soon    xo Tee


  1. Every one of us that takes this journey is paving the way for another...thank you for sharing you are doing GREAT!


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