Friday, June 29, 2012

I have the hiccups and a question....

Good God I have had the hiccups for 3 hours now, and it is starting to hurt I have tried gripe water, I have used it for Johnny's hiccups and gas since he was about 6 weeks old and it works like a charm for him, but me, nothing! I took 2x what  I give him but I still have the dang hiccups they make me angry! lol 

BUT..... that is not what this quick post is about,
I have a question for all you veteran lapband ladies (or men) who may be reading my blog.

In the first year after surgery, did you lose the weight faster in the months immediately following surgery, like months 1-5 or in the end of the first year months 6-12?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

156 hours....

In 156 hours I will be on my way to the Hospital to get my lapband!!!!!! okay this really all happened so fast from when I made the decision ( it is a big one) to now went like this......
  • went to my yearly physical with my G.P told her hey whadda ya think about me getting the lapband she tried talking me out of it with the old have you tried dieting it is like really a diet oh my God I have never thought of that, hmm oh weight watchers lemme see nope doesnt ring a bell.. come on really so I told her, well I am making the appt with dr. Glasgow sooo I will be needing a referral ,so she was like okey dokey, I am a different kind of patient, I really dont let them pull the old "but I am the doctor you have to listen to me" thing on me, when I want a test I get it, when I come in and I am sick or in pain or whatever, and they say "why dont we see you in 2 weeks and if it is still bothering you we will run some test"... ah no! run them now, you think I didnt wait, on my own before making this appt.  I am not making another copay sorry,order my tests bitches lol anyways....... she was like okay have your fancy surgery.

  •     so I picked Adam Glasgow MD. because I knew he was a great surgeon, I use to work at the same hospital and he was just always so great with his patients and thorough, confident, not to young not to old, and he is not a douche, sorry but some surgeons are just sooo whatever about your surgery and there is a line between confident, and someone explaining how they will cut you open and tinker with your guts without even making eye contact because they are to busy be mr. cool surgeon like the are on greys anatomy or something. but  Adam (he wants his patients to call him that) he is great I love him, and I call him Doctor I dont know why I just do.  btw he is out of Walpole so I seen him for a 1st visit got the info on what I had to do for Ins. and there is a woman (jane) in the office that handles all the appt making for ya, nutritionist,psychologist (both right there in the same office as my surgeon) and pre-testing, and labs.  thats it that is all I had to do, for harvard pilgrim health care anyways I know all ins. are not the same. 
  • psych. evaluation was just a fill in the circle test easy peasy passed, I fooled 'em lol.
  • nutritionist just goes over all of the preop and post op diet phases, and the new way of eating. she was very helpful and she is always in the office I can go to her with any question about nutrition ever, even by email if I wanna save a copay. so thats awesome.  oh and I loved all of the fake food in her office lol lil tiny fake chicken legs, and big ol fake broccoli on a plate haha it was nuts, I felt like an idiot like "hey fatty this is what you should eat, seeee it looks like this" haha "this is called a vege-ta-ble and this, this is a portion of fish, fiiishhhh" lol good times.
  • labs I had already had them done for my physical with my primary care doc. so they were all done, as was the EKG.
  • pre-test -met with anesthesia and a nurse asked me 10,000 questions, the same 10,000 questions they will ask me on the day of surgery, it was over fast and I was outta there.  
  • NOW I WAIT.... and while I wait I drink all of my meals but I am sooooo excited I cant even put it in words... oh and I cant remember the dates of all of this but it all happened in less than 6 weeks!!!!!!! okay thats all for today.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

look at them girls with the daisy dukes on..

ok, real quick, when I think about saying screw it I am happy with the way I look now I think about how I would feel if I looked like this back in the day when "look at them girls with th daisy dukes on" (i dont remember the name of it) was playing on the radio, I would not have left the house!!!, and if I seen (saw yes saw i think) any of the guys from back in the day I would hide, not that they would recognize me lol thank God.... so somedays that is my motivation. The me from back in the day would have never thought about being double digit pant size now, I would kill for a size 10. well that is enough glory days talk I guess but whatever helps right,some days it is a fat pic on the fridge that helps some days it is a skinny pic of me on the fridge that works best, looking at me like "what did you do to our butt??"

I wonder...can you liquify a cheeseburger??

10 day pre-op Liquid Diet......  so far so good.

I wonder why there isn't just a set pre-op diet that all doctors use that way I dont have to be jealous of SOME PEOPLE (lol) who can have meat.

well my liquid diet allows the following....

uggghhh okay..mama time, will try this again later........smells like bum changing time to me...

okay so where was I .... what I can have on my liquid diet

any amount of these
  • sugar free beverages
  • broth only soups
  • sugar free popsicles
  • sugar free jello
  • water
  • black coffee/tea
these in moderation

  • low sugar juice, gatorade (and the like) limit to 2 cups per day
  • no sugar added fudgicles no more than 3 a day
  • 1 cup of milk (I drink 1%)
  • 6 oz of yogurt no chunks
  • carnation instant breakfast sugar free.. I do not drink this lots of calories not a lot of protein.
also I have at least 1 protein shake a day, I just tried a packet of Unjury vanilla that my nutritionist gave me.... so good the best it taste like a melted vanilla shake form McD's really!!! what a treat after the muscle milk chocolate crap that dared to smell like browie batter and then tasted like watery crapola. I just ordered 2 thingys of it (vanilla yumminess, not the watery crapola) from it is a lil more $ but it is sooo worth it I mean if I have to drink it for the rest of my life it has to taste good I dont want to hate something that must be consumed 2x per day that just would not make me a very happy bandster.

so this is day 3 of my 10 day L.D and I am doing good I have not had any hunger the protein shakes are a huge help when I start to feel that gnawing in my belly it gets to work as soon as I take a sip, it is like magic!!  also I have had chicken broth fat free/ low sodium, that was my choice not doctors orders, but why not cut down on the sodium right? I use a tsp of Lipton herb and garlic soup mix just to add some kick to it (and all that sodium I think I am cutting out goes right back in lol) but it is tasty and I try to make it feel like a meal, I sit at the kitchen table I get a lovely glass for my water I use a cute bowl for my broth and a nice soup sipping spoon and I take my time put my spoon down between "slirps" and it helps me to feel like I am not missing out on my meals, that may sound nuts but really it helps.

lets see what else do I enjoy, well I love my yoplait whips I know they are not light but come on I gotta have lil something bad, when I can have "chunks" in my yogurt I will go to the light but for now... it is strawberry mist, key lime pie, and lemon whatever, that make me happy while watching tv at night with my hubby.   also water water water... .I am not big on crytal light and gatorade and all that but I do like it sometimes so when water is just to hard to get down (ugh after you have had nothing but liquid) it helps to give it some life, my choice is usually crystal light lemonade.
OH AND I LOVE JELLO!!!  if I am feeling frisky I even put on some coolwhip lite (shhh)

I have a 20 month old son and a hard working husband that do require meals so I get to cook for them, and it does not bother me I do find that everything smells soooo good though it is like my nose is working better lol, Johnny's oatmeal this morning was the best smelling oatmeal ever mmmm i kept smelling it while I was feeding him (Mmmm). I would rather cook for them than have my husband say, hey dont worry about me I will make myself someting when I get home tonight just give the baby dinner, oh what a thoughtful hubby.....and then he comes home with friggin CHINESE FOOD ....."really? really Sean? WTF are you kidding me right now WHAT is in that bag????" him "my dinner, what?" I really wanted to punch him in the face and make him eat outside. I had some Jello and just said to myself "okay he is a fatty I am not anymore, and payback is a bitch a bigger bitch than me!!!"  he really sat in the living room eating it, wing after wing, after wing while we watched hell's kitchen (yes more food staring at me, but I like the show and at least I cant smell it) I am very proud of myself, for not saying hey maybe just one wing, I am awesome at this liquid diet thing no biggy. ok all everyone is now free to hate my hubby for the day, and if he ever brings home a perfect yummy smelly brown bag of bad girl chinese food I will be blogging about how to get chinese food and blood out of your pajamas. okey dokey...thats all folks so far on liquid dieting my way.

what a Lovely setting for a walk... cuz I hate walking the "hood"

Bird Park Walpole, Massachusetts

so this is where I do my walking, it is so pretty and the park even has some hills so pushing Johnny in his stroller makes for some nice exercise and the beauty is an added bonus, there is a toddler playground, awesome, so when the first part of my walk is done Johnny gets to run around climbing and playing. I walk about 1.25 miles before "playtime" and 1 mile after.

he loves water.... so here is the monster of a stroller I push
with my 23 pound guy in it,plus a bag full of mama junk. It is
a Jeep Jogger so if I ever jog it would be great for that.

                                              My "lil guy" Johnny... after a long hot walk
                                    (for me, he sat in his shaded stroller drinking cold water)
                                                               he is ready to play!


why is Johnny (my son) awake he woke up at 11:30 when my husband went to bed... johnny sleeps in our bed his bedroom is pretty much a play room and where the cats sleep lol... anyways WHY is he up? who knows but right now he is watching Shrek 3 and making a mess of the living room. It has been tough to get him to sleep lately too, yes one of us have to lay with him 'til he falls asleep we created a monster lol.

         I have found that I have a lot less patience on this liquid diet, my husband can't do anything right and I want to kill my cats but my lil guy Johnny is not on my shit list, yet lol.

P.S  .....sugar free things give me a "belly ache" at this rate I am sure to be 25  lbs lighter day of surgery lol....

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Okay so I have a few minutes since my mother came over and is putting the lil guy down for a nap... I think the easiest way for me to let you all know a lil about me is bullet style lol here we gooooo

  • I am 35
  • I am a mom to Johnny 20 months and a wife to Sean 45 (oldie but goodie)
  • I have 2 fat cats Moose and Bear
  • I have 5 nieces 4 nephews 2 great nieces and 2 great nephews
  • I live in Foxboro, Massachusetts (home of the New England Patriots!) I grew up mostly in Boston but moved to the boonies when we got married.
  • I am having lapband surgery on July 5th.
  • I started my pre-op liquid diet on June 25th.
  • I want a dog, a german shepherd.
uh oh I hear the "baby" I will have to finish this later 

okay I am back, so I guess it is not nap time..

  • I decided to get the Lapband because my hgb-a1c was 5.9 in other words I am pre diabetic. I lost my dad in '09 to kidney failure he was a diabetic so  I do not want that disease to cause any more sadness in my life. so for me and my family I will not get it! ever!
  • I am excited about this, I have lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks, and I haven't even been banded yet.
  • I have started exercising and I am being more active everyday
  • I want to join the "Y" it is soo expensive for a family membership, but I am doing it anyways lol
more to come lol maybe not bullet style but for now I have to do my mommy duties and maybe some dishes....
me pushing Johnny @ Davis farmland. June 2012
here I am .... those are not my goats lol we were at a farm

The first time......

Well this is my first time... Blogging.. I have never started a Blog, I actually just started reading blogs I don't know if I am even doing it right, but we will see so please be patient with me. I may ramble on and on go off subject spell stuff wrong use incorrect grammar and punctuation but hey I will do my best lol. I have a 20 month old son Johnny who keeps me a very busy at home mom and a husband, Sean, of 8 years so I guess I am a housewife too. So I hope I can post as often as I would like too I am thinking ..if I have time to sit on pinterest pinning crap I will never do, buy, or eat, I have time to blog, right? lol  

Sooooo I am being banded on July 5th!!!! 9 days away OMG!!! I started my liquid pre-op diet yesterday, I will post about that 2-moro (things I am "eating" and whatever) I got my insurance approval letter 4 days ago, we have Harvard Pilgrim health care, I will also post about the steps I had to take to get approved that way if anyone thinking about getting the Lapband is wondering what it will be like getting approved with HPHC can have some info about that.

Hmmm lets see what else.... I don't know that's it for know lets see if this even is the right way to do this before I get all deep hahaha..