before & after photos


I am not ready to post the "looking straight ahead" photo, I look 9 months pregnant

 *MORNING OF SURGERY AT Norwood Hospital *
                                          laying down photos not so hot! lesson learned lol
                                 in OR holding room,  still waiting, my surgery was 2 hours late!

                                                            about 1 month post op

Morning of surgery................................about 100 days later........................................


  1. Girl, I HATE the laying down pictures too! Your hair is soooo long i'm jealous!

    Johnny REALLY wants to open that door HAHAHA!

    P.S. (I can totally see that HOT MAMA lurking inside you! You are b-e-aYOUtiful!)

    1. aww thanks (blushing) lol .... haha johnny looks like a lil grub! but it was very early in the morning in his jinkies. boy he was working on that door wasnt he. hahaha. I hope hot mama is still in here somewhere
      HOT MAMA????? WHERE YOU AT? lol

  2. i'm still not ready to post my "before" pics. i need to bite the bullet and just post mine!

    1. oh I really did not want to, but I love to see other bandsters pics so I felt guilty, there is 1 that was just too hard for me to post (God I am huge) so that one will not go up 'til I have lost 50 pounds. my goal is to lose 115-120 lbs.

  3. Hey, I had to wear that patch behind me ear too!!! And it worked magic for me :)

    I was banded on June 27th.

    My blog is


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