Tuesday, July 31, 2012


it pisses me off when I read someone complaining about what other people blog about, (but I will do that same thing right now) we are not here to brighten your day with happy bullshit, if something sucks we will say it sucks, if something is hard we say it is hard, it is not negativity it is honesty. I gotta say the people I follow and who follow me are all NORMAL you all have a mix of a whole lotta "positive" and a lil "negative" and by negative I mean "so I ate a chip and I hate myself for it", or "I wanted to eat a chip and didn't and was proud and then an hour later I ate one and now I am working it off" lol. but you all continue to inspire and motivate me, and make me laugh  :o)

     when I first was deciding to get the Lap band, I went around reading many of your blogs and was so happy to see the honesty and the true journey, the up and downs, it was what helped me make an informed decision. I really learned just as much from what some may call "negativity" as I did from the happy positive stuff.  thank you ladies!

   FYI>>>>>>our blogs are for ourselves first! and if you (followers/fellow bloggers) can learn something or get something out of it or help to motivate or be our cheerleaders great, but for most of us bandster bloggers it is kind of  a journal, something we do for accountability. We should all feel free to post complaints or negative feelings if we choose. We may all come from different worlds have different views and lives but we have this one thing in common, and to leave out any of the bad things about it is just nuts, you have to be able to vent, you have to be able to say "you know what this sucks sometimes" or "hey I suck I ate a cake" and not have to read the next day about someone complaining about your complaining (lol). for the people who choose to blog only happy crap, that's great but it would help you (and others trying to make the choice to get banded) if you just open up a lil and feel free to vent about the bad sometimes, not focus on it but just don't ignore it totally.

okay thats all - some may not agree with me but whatever.   oh and also I will say this, I do not like the bloggers who say they hate the band it did nothing for me, but then admit to eating like a beast these people give the band a bad reputation and I don't think that is awesome at all. those are the only bloggers that are negative to me. okey dokey I am done now, carry on.....

let me ask you..

let me ask you gals, what is your best at home quickie workout?  I was thinking about getting a jump rope, I bet it is really great cardio and probably burns lots of calories. I also have xbox kinect and a fitness "game" let me see the name ....one sec....your shape; fitness evolved... and I love that it is hard to do, well impossible really with the lil guy around cuz he gets in the screen shot and the virtual personal trainer lady is like ahh lift your leg and I am like thats my baby. so let me know what you do for a quick at home workout. talk later

Sunday, July 29, 2012

not much...that's what's up.

I have not been writing because, really there is nothing up.... my weight did not change this week at all, so Wednesday I didn't post about my weigh in...

My husband and I love harry potter (lol) so we have been watching all of the movies this weekend, when the lil guy lets us lol... also we DVR'd the Olympics opening ceremony and watched that Friday night and I gotta say, I just really didn't think it was that great, but that's just me.

I had my in laws over for dinner Saturday, I cooked on the grill but we ate in because the sky was scary looking! It was a very healthy menu I gotta say. I did not do the ol' hamburger and hot dog easy way with all those carb filled buns,  I made ..... marinated chicken breast, in lite Caesar dressing and lime juice, also steak tips w/ s&p and a touch of Worcestershire sauce both grilled to perfection (lol) whole wheat pasta salad made with pesto,olives and garden tomatoes + a lil bit of parm cheese. sliced tomatoes from my garden in a lite balsamic vin. with fresh basil (from my garden) and corn on the cob, Johnny loves corn on the cob, it is so funny to watch him eat it lol. oh and for dessert, pineapple passion fruit sorbet with fresh pineapple and strawberries.... it was soooo yummy if I do say so myself.    it ended up raining, I love the rain, it was actually a thunder storm, so even better.

hmmm what else, well today has just been a lazy Sunday for us.... playing and napping with the baby...

Wednesday I go to see my surgeon, I will be in and out in 2 seconds I bet... but it will be weigh in day and I will get my appointment for my first fill!!!!!! I cant wait for that, also I will be joining the Y soon another thing I cant wait for..

sorry if this all seems boring, lol, that is why I haven't written that much lately, I know that once I get my fill and join the gym I will have much more to say but for now it is just kinda everyday stuff going on around here.

oh Johnny will be 22 months old in a few days... OMG! I am planning his 2nd B-day party, actually I have a few ideas and can't decide what to do .... have any of you got any ideas for a 2 year olds birthday? he will (hopefully) have some cousins there that are his age and a few years older...

okey dokey talk at you guys and gals later....

Monday, July 23, 2012

I am still alive...

hello everyone.... I have not written in a lil while, like 5 days or so, but I have been so busy... also I have been trying to make a family tree on ancestry.com and I am addicted to it lol I can spend hours on there.  found out I am an descendant of Richard Warren a Mayflower passenger, so that is pretty cool.

So anyways, I just wanted to let you all know I did not quit blogging or fall of the earth. lol

hope you are all well, I will be back at it (my blog) Wednesday for my weigh in ....dummm de dum dum- I hope I lost, but I will take no gain.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


so it is Wednesday.... and I am a porka lol
I gained 2 pounds!!!!!!!!!!   so I am now 254 so there. but I am making changes so I hope to have a better weigh in next week......   ( I was actually 256 last week, but thru the week I weighed myself and was 252 at one point but that didnt last long, so really from last week I am technically down 2 pounds but still)

Oh and I got my staples out today, they were not infected I was just sensitive to the metal so it looked infected but only at each staple end not on the incision itself so I am happy that I do not have to go on antibiotics.

I am in pain right not so this is a short post, my arms are killing! I have slipped discs in my c-spine
c3-c7 pinching my nerves and causes lots o'pain, have had this prob. for years now gotta do something someday other than just pain meds, losing weight will not help either since it is my c-spine not like my back or anything.....

okey dokey peeps,,,, hope you are all doing well, hope Julie AKA "the dandy bandy" is healing up nice and feeling good!

talk to ya later ...

Monday, July 16, 2012

a few pics.. just because......

Here are just a few pics. random I know.

The backyard..where I usually let B play while I blog. (or FB)

                                           My handsome lil Guy, Johnny aka B.

          lil thingy I made for my Blog, since I do not know how to make a fancy button.

is this hell?

okay so I am thinking this may be bandster hell....

I have been so hungry for 2 days now, I am in the kitchen every hour looking around.
I am so scared that I am going to gain back all that I have lost, I would be soooo sad and mad about that!!!!
I am trying to make good choices when I did get something while in the kitchen. yogurt or nothing is my usual choice...
I have had dinner with my guys the past 3 nights, I have small portions, but it is really things I have always made- so far for dinner I have made and eaten (a lil plate).
meatloaf -au'gratin potato-green beans
rotisserie chicken in herb gravy-garlic whipped potatoes-nutmeg carrots
fresh basil & garlic meatballs- tomato sauce-pasta

and today for lunch 1/2 of a homemade chicken salad with lettuce and tomato wrap.

I HAVE to start cooking and eating lighter things while I am waiting for my fill or I am really going to be sorry. I am trying to eat like soft mushy stuff, but I just have to get away from the comfort food though, even small portions are not for every night, and without a fill I am not eating small enough portions... this is going to be a long 4 weeks before I get my first fill..... do we have any restriction without a fill? I want to be able to eat what I want (to a degree not cakes, and snacks etc.. but food) even with a fill I want mostly to control portion, obviously I am not going to eat fast food and junk food or drink pepsi or whatever but like for dinner I do want to be able to have the comfort food in small portions sometimes.
so anyways I just wanted to confess that I have been a bad banded mama, but I guess not even close to as bad as I could have been or would have been in the past. I have not had any junk food, no soda, no take out no fast food nothing like that at all!!!! just feeling guilty about the stuff I did have listed above....... and  I wasn't feeling guilty at the time I was preparing and cooking these meals, but this morning I was thinking this aint so bad, I have been doing good and I have been eating like a queen , then I was like wait a minute..... maybe I should not be eating like a damn queen... I don't know ....what do you guys think???

I have to see my surgeon Wednesday to get these damn staples out.. I think I have an infection but he does not from what I have told him over the phone... I know on Wed. he is going to say that I have one and I cant wait to say ya well I called you and you didn't want to believe me...

 sorry that this is just a big crazy long confusing confession post,  but I had to get it out lol....

Friday, July 13, 2012

week 2

the first day of week 2 is the same as 2 weeks after surgery (in crazy land) so I decided to move forward onto mushies..... but got scared and will not do it again...

it is actually my food processors fault, I just got it and I have been wanting to take it for a spin so after shredding up a carrot for pure fun (not so fun, I had to clean the damn thing) I decided to make a meatloaf, my fav! I went nuts with the chopping blade I put garlic and celery and onion (like a shit ton of each) and then said screw it and threw in the meat and eggs and breadcrumbs, yay this is great my hands are not all meaty.... well it made the meatloaf so mushie yay for me but my hubby hated it (oh well boohoo) and I had a meaty messy food processor to clean. at least Johnny, my lil guy, loved it ! he loves so many foods and flavors for a 21 month old, he tries everything I feed him crazy healthy !veggies galore, fruit and whole grain, organic, healthy health food and sometimes a cookie or pudding but really I should not do that anymore...... but anyways I ate the damn meatloaf green beans and some au'gratin potatoes, so there, are you happy now?   lol

I will not be eating anything mushie til' mushies are supposed to be eaten!!! ya hear that belly!

in other news.... I have "port pain" so that sucks, and I feel like I have been sucking in my stomach all day or something, like my belly muscles (HA!) hurt.

I can not get winnie the pooh outta my head, I have been forced to watch it over and over (and over) with Johnny for days now, and each time it starts again, he is so darn, cute he looks at me with this big smile and gasps a big surprised gasp,mouth wide open ,and comes over and hugs and kisses me, so how can I resist that seriously!

have a lovely weekend all.....

Thursday, July 12, 2012

WTF! well more like wtf

well I just learned something very....ahhh... sucky!

rockband barbie in her TTT today says that when someone comments on your blog post and you reply to it.. THEY DON'T KNOW YOU REPLIED  unless they go back to it... that to me is dumb, I think that there should be some sort of notification.... I have replied to many a comment and I hate that no-one knows :o(    lol  I will find a way hahaha God forbid anyone gets outta hearing me blab on and on.

my dandy pal

hey peeps.. I just want to tell you about Julie, the dandy bandy who most of you "know" I am sure, but if you dont go check her out, she got banded TODAY!!  she is very awesome. I am sure we all hope she is feeling  awesome again very soon... 

other than that I have nothing to say today really, just chilling and feeling a lil better now that I am 1 week post-op.  oh I had an egg today, and I think I need glasses. ok thats it.. now go wish Julie well!! lol

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

make over! it's still me

hello I just wanted to let ya know I have made over my blog I like it better like this... whadda you think?

ALSO I have posted a poll (about my damn staples) on the very bottom of my blog please please please check it out and answer if you can.. thanks

oh and 1 more (very important) thing, please go say hello to my girlio Julie she is having lap band surgery TOMORROW!!! wish her luck, she is awesome if you don't follow her DO IT! lol

big deal, it is really.

this is kinda a big deal...

my first weigh in day since my surgery...

drum roll please *********

starting weight     274.9 pounds

current weight      256.6 pounds

not too shabby! 

well I have no time to ramble this morning, my toddler is "calling" and by calling I mean crying and throwing stuff over the baby gate into the kitchen at me, to get me to come in and turn Caillou on for him, so much for tea time for this mama.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Hello Peeps! 

        I want to thank Lap Band Gal, my girlio Julie, and my British girlio Mari for the shout outs ... you are all so awesome! , a few  mentions of my blog and BOOM! I have over 700 views now thank you! (that may seem like nothing but, I am a newbie)
        Thanks to all you new followers too, I hope that I can keep you reading, this is my 1st blog, so pardon if it is kinda boring, and sorry for the crazy amount of commas I use. hehehe

I love that what I am writing is being read, and may even be of some help to someone. I just ask that you -please! please! please! follow me, leave a comment or ask a question, get more out of your blog reading. I know it is easy to just lurk, I did it too when I was making the decision to get banded and it helped it was great, but once I started this blog, a couple weeks ago, I was hooked!! it is really helpful to put your thoughts out there, get 'em out of your head, talk it out. It is an amazing feeling being a part of this online community of bandsters. so please try it, it is not hard to start a blog and trust me you will love it!

I hope that my blog can help someone make a choice, answer a question, and most of all I hope that blogging about my journey will make "your" journey and mine -easier, happier, successful, and just plain awesome.

oh and one more thing ....... I had an egg today scrambled, it was yummy.
nausea is the worst thing I have had since surgery on Thursday, pain I can deal with, nausea no-way, the egg really helped!

Monday, July 9, 2012

brrr... chilly hurts!

Brrr I am chilly, and it hurts my belly... I get this tight, cramp? maybe that's the word that best describes the feeling, it happens a few times an hour, but most often when I am cold. I got all bundled up (with hubbys big warm stuff, big warm clothing! haha get your mind outta the gutter). anyways just thought I would post a lil about what I am feeling during this recovery....

so I have the cramping (see above)
burpies that hurt a lil
the co2 gas pain (going away, almost no pain today)
nausea, I hate this, it is the worst,but ya know what helps... motion sickness pills (thank you hubby)
I think I am allergic to the roxicet elixir so I have been taking vicodin for the pain.

so Wednesday is weigh in day... see you then..and maybe a few recovery pics, oh and some of my lovely frankenbelly ------staples! WTF I still am surprised they used them, I cant wait to complain at my 2 week visit... one of the staples is off in no mans land too. who the hell did them I cant wait to ask... I think I will post the staple pics later today, see what you guys think of them.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


quickie post to tell you about a giveaway ... & my "great blog" pick of the month.

 first the give away....

and a big ka-winky-dink this just happened to be my pick for "great blog" of the month, (something new I am doing on my blog).  She has lots of recipes and tips about getting in your protein, adding flavors to our band friendly foods etc... oh and http://theworldaccordingtoeggface.blogspot.com/2008/08/protein-ice-cream.html  protein ice cream!!!   check it out, and while you are there, enter the drawing! 

Saturday, July 7, 2012


well, my surgeon used staples, I really wish I thought to ask how he closed because I hate staples, tonight after my shower I took off the bandages and saw the lil metal guys.... and now when I see the Doc. in 2 weeks he will have to get them out, hate hate that! it doesn't hurt but then I have these lil mini booboos that will have to heal. I just thought I remember him saying he used the dissolvable stitches, oh well.... other than that I am totally happy with the incisions, the overall surgery and recovery. and I do love my surgeon! he is awesome, I had to call him this morning because the roxicet elixir he gave me , does not work for shit at the dose he prescribed, so I take 3x that dose but wanted to get the "okay" from him first... so I left a mssg ,  he called me back and was like "hey Theresa, it's Adam, so whats going on?"  such a nice guy!!anyways I am going on and on about nothing really, so good night peeps.....

Julie,  http://thedandybandy.blogspot.com/ tick tock tick tock!!!!! soon it will be you!!! I can not wait!! to hear all about your big day!!! 4 more days girlio!

okay 1 more thing I will be posting my before pictures 2-moro or the next day, any tips on how I can create a tap on the top of my blog home page to put them in one spot or do I have to re design my entire blog??? hmm any help would be great.. I will try to figure it out on my own too ,lol that hour will be full of cuss words -better do it while Johnny naps lol  



The Foley Family
June 2012

Friday, July 6, 2012

it is in -------now I am a true BANDSTER!

well it is in guys, I am so happy and eager to feel good enough to start some exercise, I have been getting around the house up and down the stairs and all.
I get my first fill in 6 weeks, and my next visit with my surgeon is in 2 weeks.

Dr. Glasgow said I could skip right to phase 3 of my post op diet because I didnt have much swelling and the barium swallow showed that I am not really restricted at all by just the empty band, so I can have oatmeal and tomato soup, scrambled eggies and it feels good to chew! lol

I am sore, really sore but the roxicet elixir is helping with that a bit, ( not taking the pain away totally though) the uncomfortable feeling from the "gas" they pump you with is bad my arms are killing me, I have chronic pain in them as it is, now this has made it worse (the walking will help)

my surgery day went like this.....

bed the night before at 12 am, the baby woke up at 5 am (great). got together stuff for my inlaws to babysit, list of what and when and how to babysit lol, they are 74-75 so they are out of practice...
my mother came a lil early 815 or so , so that I could get last minute hospital bag packed and stuff. I had already showered and got dressed did my hair (PONYTAIL)....
my mother came with me, my hubby could not get the day off, so off we went to get to the hospital for 930 surgery was to be at 1130 but that did not happen I didnt get to O.R. 6  until 1:30 grrr. but I was still nice and friendly my husband actually was able to leave work so he made it up to OR holding in time to sit with me for an hour before going to the waiting room (my mom went home) I remember getting the silly juice, then getting pushed to the OR the nurse anest. said think of a happy place and she put the "mask" on me off I went,,,,,, I woke up in recovery at about 320 and did not have any nausea!! awesome!! my hubby came back kissed me we chatted then he went home to the baby and his elderly sitters ( they are actually very active old people)

I got up to my room for the night about 4 slept off and on, i wish they would have left me alone for 5 mins, and boy do I hate the pain scale!!!!! no-ones # would ever mean the same pain my 7 might be someone 10 or 3, it is stupid.
anyways I had a PCA of dilotid, every 6 mins I could push my button , I read and watched some tv, slept and ate ice chips and the most yummy orange popsicle ever lol walked around the unit to get this gas going. 

This morning, at 5 I was up, and then at 8 I did my barium swallow (ughh gross)  Dr. Glasgow got to my room about 10 mins after I did and i was outta there at 9am! I did not get a wheelchair ride out, I walked out all by myself carrying my bags, and looking pale :o( but I didnt feel sick to my stomach I just was shaky and sore, I got a ride home with my inlaws, my mom had stayed the night at our house to sit with Johnny when Sean went to work this morning, so she was there when I got home, and she is soo awesome she stayed alllllll day until' like 7 when Sean got home from work, very awesome of her cuz my sister had surgery the same day as me for another reason, and she, I am sure would have loved to care for us both, but my sisters husband got the day off, and she doent have a 21 month old son, her youngest  (of 4) is 11.

so Right now I have this gnawing feeling in my stomach it almost feels like hunger, but ya know a lot worse, the pain med is not really lasting more than 2 hours, and my throat hurts from the tube. other than that I am good.....

I am so happy to finally have my band in place, this is the start of a new healthy life for me!!! I will write more about my recovery soon, my arms hurt to much right now to go any further. I wrote more than I was going to already... g'nite ~T~   <3 thankyou for all of my well wishes, and hello to all my new followers!!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

count backward from 100....

I am off to the hospital soon.... I am calm.
bags packed, ipod touch, book (an inconvenient wife), clothing, hair brush, deodorant, toothbrush, hair elastic, socks. and thats all I need I will be home 2-moro by 10 am! this is a very big life changing day for me and my lil family too.
            I will be thinking of my bandster blog pals who have been very, very awesome! thank you for all of your support, Ronnie, Mari, Julie you have all been so friendly and it is nice to have you there for me when I have a question or want to complain and I hope I can be there for you when you need me. I am happy to see that I have some new peeps following my blog, I am looking forward to "getting to know you". okay well I am off.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

wednesdays are weigh in day...

Wednesdays will be my weigh in day....
I am listing my starting weight what I was at the very start of this journey from the first appointment with my surgeon.... May 18, 2012

starting weight ~ 274.9 lbs 
todays weight ~ 259.4 lbs 

day before surgery, here we go!

 I will post my before pics along with 1 month post-op pics....

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

photo shoot

I am doing a "fatty photo shoot" 2-moro... my husband has the day off so I am going to have him take some horrible pics of me! lol but It must be done so that I can track my loss, sometimes it is hard to notice unless you look at a picture so I will take a new photo everyweek in the same outfit (tight stretchy pants and a tight tanktop) I am not sure if I am going to post them ughhhh I am such a bad selfish person that I dont know I may post them cuz I really love to see peoples before and after pics, so I would really suck if I didnt put mine out there for someone to view, I think once 1 month goes by I will post he 1 month after and the before, then the 2 month after, and so on.... there it is all settled lol....

              Hey I ordered some Torani sugar free flavored stuff (syrup?) I got the gingerbread, and pumpkin pie... I love the fall and those flavors are soooo New England Fall ,  I picked those fall flavors cuz they are big bottles and if I got summery flavors I would never finish before fall and I would never ever drink summery stuff in the fall because I am crazy like that, but I will drink these flavors all year long... I hope they add a nice taste to my coffee and protein shakes, (and protein icecream from theworldaccordingtoeggface.blogspot.com).

             So anyways today is my husbands birthday, we celebrated it over the weekend I had Kemps frozen yogurt blueberry and cream fat free yummy, but it is only for a snack emergency, like when others are enjoying a triple layer cake with chocolate frosting it smelled sooooooooooo good!!!!!! I wanted to stick my face in it and say F* this lol. but I slowly ate my yogurt and thought of alllll the new clothing I will be buying this time next year lol sorry hubby pay back is a bitch, and it is expensive too.

Monday, July 2, 2012


I have been trying to make time to go browsing at the book store for healthy cooking cook books, I love to cook but I do not have much experience cooking things like, fish, and certain veggies that I (and my family) will be eating after surgery. I am sure that I would be better off buying books that are for WLS patients in particular,  so I ask, are there any cook books you WLS ladies recommend?  (and if not cook books, any must have books for bandsters?) 

3 more sleeps 'til my surgery!!!! wow this is the start of something so life changing and I am ready for all of the hard work... now that I will have the right tool for the job.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

my right here hurts....

For like a year I would get this pain in my upper abdomen that went straight thru to my back and I would always say to Sean " my right here hurts" with my hand under my right boob, So, finally when I was convinced I had gallstones I had some labs done, yes, amylase & lipase they were within normal range sooo I figured it was just whatever "idiopathic" but then I demanded an ultrasound, the tech was a dumbo and could not get good pictures she sucked and they didnt see any gallstones, I told my doctor that I did not trust the results because the tech was a moron but the pain stopped for while so I didnt really complain about it to my Dr. again... then when I was pregnant I had yummy BBQ meatloaf and mac-n-cheese and OMG I had such pain "my right here hurt" so bad I actually took 2 vicodin (doc said okay even though I was pregnant to take 'em) that didnt work, when I went the next day for my weekly NST (fun) I had them do an ultrasound and boom there on the screen gallstones I friggin knew it!!! they are big and they said they have been around awhile based on the size, so all along I had them. I know my body, all along I knew I had 'em it was convincing my primary doc to listen, she does now and pretty much I am my own damn doctor she just has the Rx pad lol. I do like her, she is great now that we understand eachother (she listen to me!!) anywhooo my right here hurts today, and my surgeon says that I will most likely have to have my gallbladder out in the near future, it is common after lapband surgery and I already have stones sooo just thought I would ramble on about that for a few minutes.... also I sucked on 2 gummi bears yesterday I did not eat bite or chew them and I spit them out! I just had to taste them, I opened the bag that johnny (son) got Sean (hubby) for his birthday (lol) and they smelled soooo good, lol I usually dont eat them. Today I bought my chewy vitamins that my nutritionist said to buy, I got (target) gummi vitamins they are just like a gummi bear lol yum, and I also got chewy calcium they are creamy and dreamy Mmmmm.... I am sure once I can actually eat something I will not think they are so dreamy, but for now they are my chewy goodness.

ADDED 7/2   I forgot to mention what meds I take, I do not have hypertension like many overweight peeps so thats awesome, but I do have hypothyroidism so I take levoxyl 25mcg. I was hyperthyroid in the past but the endo. put an end to that, put me on PTU for 18 months and now I am hypo, nice!