Wednesday, October 31, 2012

few pics and a weigh in, thats all for today ....

today weigh in -  237.8 lbs

here are a few recent pics.............

                           my most recent pic. I am really seeing and feeling the change now a days :o)

                                                                 he was so tired :o(

                                      his costume looks too small but it is not, just all bunched up.

              I really wish we took his Jeep Jogger (carriage), this lil one I keep in the trunk of the car for emergency, I hate it. Johnny was dressed up as Pablo from the backyardigans.

Friday, October 26, 2012

3 month bandiversary...

let me just start by saying it is about 21 days past my 3 month anniversary, as much as I wanted to have the time to sit and be able to think about anything other than, at home mom stuff, and housewife stuff, I did not have much time, so here it is baby I hope I can keep you tuned in 'cuz not much has happened in weeks because I have no health insurance right now so that means no fills since getting topped off at 9cc not too long ago. so let me see where to start......

my weight at my first appt with surgeon 274.9 pounds

my weight morning of surgery         259.4     pounds

my current weight     238.8 pounds  (word)

I am kinda happy and mad about that last #  I know I could have been down a lot more if I got in more exercise seriously no more excuses about that, why the hell would I not go down the cellar for 15 or 20 minutes a day , it would make me happier with my weekly weigh ins not because it would make me lose more, well not only that, but because I would not have to hear the lil voice in my head when I look at the scale saying " well, ya that's great but it could be better, if you got off your ass porka"  but then on the other hand I am very proud of myself when I think of just how bad I could be and when I think of how I do get in my exercise daily, I know I am confusing you but what I think I am trying to say is this....
 I have to stop comparing myself to the me I would be if I had nothing but time for me, I am not that me and I have to just accept that when I was thinking about how hard I was going to work at this and all of the exercising I was going to do and whatever while I was in preop phase, I was thinking of me and me alone- big mistake! I could never have the time or energy to live up to my own expectations, not the me who has to make breakfast lunch dinner and drinks and snacks and playtime and stories, and everything else for my lil guy, plus diaper changes, tubbys, bedtimes and naptimes, and laundry and just sitting down for 5 seconds (to watch caillou of course)... I have decided to set more realistic weekly exercise goals for myself, I dont know what would be a good idea of like how many hours in a week I should aim for but I think that setting a weekly # would help, (any ideas?)

I have been really thinking about my goal weight ( I have decided on 150)  and I know I will get there and I (kinda) know how.  I am going to stop putting this 1 year time limit on myself, and I am going to make a more mommy friendly workout plan so I can stop feeling like a mini failure when I should be feeling like WHOA I have lost 37 pounds in 116 days....

lets see what else ......OH can I just say I hate 241, I stayed 241 for a lot more weeks than I should have it was like 3 weeks! but now I am happily at 238.8 and I will never have to see 241 on my scale again... I do hate you 241 you are a bastard, F- you and the cookie you rode in on.   

here are a few  pics of me for your viewing pleasure  from day of surgery to now




 about 1 month post op

about 2 months post op

                                                 3 months post op
37 pounds down woohoo :o)

                                      and my lil guy, Johnny.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

bad blogger

I have been kinda busy... I was working on a 3 month anniversary post and I am still not done... so here is just a quick hello .....


ya know what I am really starting to think I need another fill! is it normal to feel that you are in the green zone for a few weeks after a fill and then start to notice that you need another fill? I have 9cc in my 14cc band ( I kinda hate that my Dr uses 14cc bands in all of his patients and I am mad at myself for not thinking to even ask about the size of the band before surgery,  I did not find out, or ask 'til my first fill- I do think they should have told me though ) anyways I need a fill and I have no health insurance STILL!  well my lil guy is in his toy box so gotta go ..... will finish up the 3 month post soon I promise....

oh and here I am the other day at the zoo.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

a few pics.. I am really seeing a change lately!

    here I am with my lil guy, Johnny, I am 240 pounds in this one those are size 18 jeans but they fall down all day!

          me and Johnny today, he is cute as usual, I am looking tired in my jinkies cuz I am hung over after a great night of trivia at my uncles house with the family.

               He is getting soooo long and tall!! my guy and me <3

Friday, October 5, 2012

sisterly shout out.

hello all....

so my sister has started a blog, she does not have a lapband  BUT she is losing weight, and getting fit and she would really benefit from the support blogging can provide, so please check out her blog here and follow if you like. This is Jess's first blog ever so her writing skills, like mine, may leave something to be desired, but she is funny and real! She is a mom to 4,   3 teen girls and 1 preteen boy and a Nana to 1 girl. She has much to say, be it about parenting, weight loss or just life... oh how can I forget, she has like 5 dogs so all you dog lovers check her out lol... Tee  

Thursday, October 4, 2012

welll hello there

I noticed today that I have a few new followers, hello to you! welcome lol I am warning ya now that I usually write very boring posts lol but I am trying to get better this is my first blog and I have only been doing it for about 4 months so please forgive me for the many things wrong with this blog haha but I do hope you learn something... I actually want to start doing some more stuff with it like writing about things that I think people don't care to know, maybe you all do care what I eat, what I do for exercise, or the reason why I didn't exercise on a certain day lol I mean after all this is a blog about me having a lap band and my journey to my goal weight (140 ish) I know I have to start putting out some more "stuff" because I know when I was looking for info when I was trying to make the decision to get banded I wanted to know EVERYTHING  what bandsters ate, how much, how it felt getting a fill, how often did you have to go in for post-op....etc... oh and pictures I really liked seeing pictures when I was looking for info so I know for sure I have to start posting more of all of that ^ stuff lol ....

SO ANYWAYS WELCOME NEW PEEPS, if I am not following you already please leave a comment with your info :o)          Tee 

here I am right now :o)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

feeling good

my lil guy is 2 years old! wow I cant believe it! we had his birthday party the other day just his grandparents came but he had sooo much fun he loves to be the center of attention so for him it was perfect without other kids.

 I got another fill today .....  .5 cc , so that brings me up to 9 ccs in my 14cc band. I think this is gonna do it!  .... my weight this morning was 241 :o)
oh and....
I have had quite a few NSV lately.....

1.) I fit into a pair of size 16 jeans, fit into but cant wear or sit in them lol but they did button and zipper and I could breath.
2.)I feel pretty again
3.) I am big on wearing pajamas @ home, like as soon as I am in the house I change into PJs and lately I have been wearing cute PJs not just comfy, and I bought some sexy slippers (well sexier than the huge pink ones I use to wear)
4.) I actually put on makeup the other day! and wore my hair down! have not done that in awhile.

thats all I can think of right now (@ midnight) but I will leave you with a few pics of my lil guys bday party for your viewing pleasure....