Tuesday, November 27, 2012

give away, not mine but a linky.

 go check the new giveaway over at eggface it is a good one. lots of cool stuff!! plus some great blogging if you have not been. enjoy

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

hall out the holly...

let me just say this has nothing to do with my band, so tune out if you like.... lol.................................. 

My Christmas Tree is up, we got a real one this year I know it is early but I wanted to be all done with decorating by Thanksgiving.  I Love the tree it is the nicest real tree I ever had, it is a Fraser fir and has a great shape, height and width. I am excited to start and finish, so far I have the lights on and the topper, tonight when John is sleeping I will decorate it.  I am doing the outside stuff this afternoon, I am going to be the first in the neighborhood to have lights outside lol maybe the 1st in the USA lol.   pics of my tree will be coming whether you like it or not lol I love me some Christmas.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

more protein = less me

I did really good today with proteins up and carbs down I am very proud of myself for that, also I did not snack AT ALL!!!!!!  no picking no bites of Johnny's lunch while feeding him, no grabbing a hand ful of sunchips, no halloween candy (thank Christ thats gone) I was super dooper good today and with the protein not snacking was actually like easy, it didnt really take will power I was just all set with putting anything in my mouth, and I mean anything haahahaa ok ok thats enough of that..... so anyways I put a sidexside pic on my b4 and after tab up there ^ and when I see it like that I am like whoa what a big change I am so happy and so proud of myself. I am also ready and motivated to do even better and get to the goal I set, getting to the # on the scale I want, and person in the mirror I want to see, but most importantly I can not wait to be the mom, women, wife, daughter, sister, aunt who worked her butt off to not get diabetes!!!  

talk again soon    xo Tee

Monday, November 12, 2012

broken scale?, or slacking mama?

                                            I would like to use my scale for target practice!
                                   (yes thats me at the range,shooting an M&P 9mm compact)

I dont know why I have not seen the scale move, I am still at 237. I have not been doing anything differently and maybe that is the problem I have to add another "workout session" a day and I have to set a meal schedule and stick to it no snacking in between meal time. I am thinking maybe something like
  • breakfast @ 8am
  • lunch @ 12pm
  • lite snack or protein shake @ 3pm
  • dinner @ 6pm
I know that I do way to much bite here bite there during the day, lil of this lil of that while cooking for Johnny, that ends TODAY!     

Scheduled meals----- thats the only way I am going to get to my goal.......

here are a few of my meal choices, I know these are not the best but they are the only ones I have taken pictures of this week.

                                this is one of my go to lunches or dinner, baked mac & cheese with tomatoes
I am thinking about adding plain greek yogurt when mixing the cheese for some added protein. this only about 3/4 c of mac&cheese and 1/2 c tomatoes and I can never finish the entire thing  (but I try lol)

                                       I LOVE these, one of my favorite choices for dinner or lunch with a lil tomato sauce for dipping, and I never get stuck on these (knock on wood) if I have these for dinner I have 4. I am a calorie and protein counter, I do not count fat or anything else.  by the way I love Trader Joe's !!!!!

I hope to see a change on the scale now that I have a new plan. I also have a mini goal to get to 220 by Christmas, wish me luck! I am going to work hard to get use to a schedule and stick to it.

                                                                 I promise! (myself)

In other news, we got about 6" of snow the other day, already! I was happy to see it, I do love the snow I would love a nice blizzard this year, as long as we do not lose power again!!! we are seriously due for a white Christmas too.  how 'bout a pic of the latest snow, sure here ya go.

 my street (from my side door)
we are going to my in-laws for Thanksgiving this year, I figured I would be better off if I didn't do the cooking (snacking and testing all damn day everything I make) I am going to say right now that I AM HAVING A SLICE OF PECAN PIE! I am going to allow myself a slice and I will accept the consequences and not complain about the gain, this is my first holiday season with my lapband and I am trying to be realistic about the choices I am going to make, I figure if I plan for them I can have more control and will not end up saying well I might as well eat everything in sight now that I ate a slice of pie, anyways I know it is 10 days away and I will write up a tgiving eating plan and post it before then so thats enough about tgiving and delicious gooey buttery crispy chewy pecan pie, for now!  do you have a plan? do you have any tips for a gal who plans on eating pecan pie? lol
oh I almost forgot to tell ya........ I got another fill I am at 9.5 cc in my 14cc band, but I need another fill. I do not feel that I am in my green zone yet, maybe at 10cc. I also do not want to get to the point where I can not eat certain things, I want it to be more about portion not making it so I cant eat a bite of an English muffin without standing over the sink spitting out slim and felling like I have a loaf of bread in my chest. (good times)
goodbye for now folks.
Tee     :o)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

liebster award!

Liebster Blogging Award

Michelle & Z  have both nominated me for a Liebster Award. Liebster is a German word and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome.     Thank you ladies :o)

The Rules

- Once you're nominated, write 11 facts about yourself.

- Then, take a look at the 11 questions the person who nominated you asked and answer them.

- Get your thinking cap on and come up with 11 questions of your own for your nominees to answer

- Then choose the 5 bloggers you want to nominate (they must have less than 200 followers) & let them know they've been nominated (there are no tag backs - you can't nominate the person who nominated you).

- Complete this post and then link it to the person who nominated you (in the comments of their blog).
11 facts about me....
1. I absolutely love being an at home mom!
2. I am 10 years younger than my Husband.
3. I have PTSD and agoraphobia, but try hard to deal.
4. I wear pajamas all the time, if I am home I am in my jinkies!
5.  my favorite meal is meatloaf mashed potatoes & gravy and carrots.
6. I love Christmas, like ridiculous LOVE and i love that i love it lol
7. I am really surprised how much I really clicked with my blogging peeps :o) when I started I never thought I would fit in.
8. I became an aunt at 16 years old, and had 4 nieces, 4 nephews, 2 great nieces, and 1 great nephew before having my own child, and then 1 more niece and since.
9. I suffer from chronic pain, ughh
10. I hate shaving my legs!!! and I hate my legs but I am thankful to have them. (lol)
11. I drink about 6 cups of coffee a day, at least, and most end up having some kind of toy dipped into it or a pacifier.
My 11 Questions from Z ....

  1. what's your favorite time of the year? Christmas time, and by that I mean from Halloween on into January lol I love to make it a long stretched out holiday season.
  2. what's the best book you have ever read? oh ever?, I don't know hmmm lots of great books to pick from.... maybe, Gone with the wind....
  3. what are you currently reading? The house of velvet and glass, Katherine Howe
  4. if you could escape to anywhere where would it be and with who? to the mountains with my family.
  5. what or who inspires you and why? my son, so many reasons
  6. what childhood memory do you think of often? I mix it up, not any one memory in particular
  7. if you could have dinner with anyone living or not who would it be? my dad and I would tell him all about my Johnny.
  8. what 5 songs do you love to workout to right now? I do not listen to music while working out.
  9. if you could change one thing in the world what would it be? well my dad always said if you're gonna dream, dream in color, so I would have to say I would wave my wand and keep all children safe, from illness or harm.
  10. dreamer or realist? a perfect blend of the 2
  11. McCartney or Lennon? McCartney
My 11 questions from Michelle...
1. If you could have lunch with anyone who would it be, where and why?
with My dad, at my house, he died in '09 before I was even pregnant with my son... 1 lunch with him, 1 moment with him to tell him about my little guy!

2. Paid in Full Vacation: Relax in Hawaii or Shop in NY, London & Paris? I would have to pick shop in NY, London & Paris because I could visit 3 cities, and spend spend spend! but boy would I love to relax in Hawaii, maybe I could stop by a travel agency while in NY and book a trip lol

3. Favorite Restaurant?
ohhh come on, how could I choose just one....

4. Favorite type of exercise? yoga

5. Are you still in contact with your childhood bff?  yes, thanks for Facebook, but would love to get together with them.....

6. McCartney or Lennon? McCartney

7. If you did not need to work for $$$, what would you do with your time? I am an at home mom, so I guess if I did not have a child I would spend my time volunteering, maybe even run my own animal rescue shelter.

8. Favorite ice cream? pre-band -mint chocolate chip, but now( if I have it) it is kemps frozen yogurt fat free blueberry & cream.

9. Do you believe in Love at First Site? yes, I had a long answer typed out but it was confusing so short answer is yes, lol

10. Do you ever regret getting your WLS? not for one second, not yet anyways

11. Tell me something about you I would not find out on your blog cause its not about WLS.   my husband and I tried to get pregnant for years and years, many different ways before conceiving our son via IVF.


1. coffee or tea?
2.favorite TV show?
3. one book you absolutely would recommend?
4. if you could have a famous person's figure who would you choose?
5. do you wrap your children's gifts from "Santa" ? if you do not have kids, did your parents wrap yours as a kid?
6. favorite time of the year? why?
7. biggest concern you had when making the choice to get banded?
8. does your family read your blog? if so do you ever wish they did not?
9. would your dream home be on the beach or in the mountains?
10. have you traveled (out of state or country)  if so where?  
11. cat or dog ( i love both, but have kitties )

And the Nominees are...................... I picked 6 cuz my sister is one of my choices and she dont count hahahaha..



working on 2

hello all.....

I have been nominated for 2 liebster awards! OMG!

thank yous to - Michelle  and Z .......thanks for thinking of me :o)

I am working on answering the 22 questions and thinking of my nominees and 11 question also, so the post is coming this weekend.

P.S I love the questions