Tuesday, April 2, 2013

hi ......I am back...... and I have not lost any weight since the last report! ya it sucks and I think it is what was keeping me away from blogging, plus I have been kinda blah lately .... I have sooooo many reason why I have been just OFF lately , you name it ......... MARRIAGE PROBLEMS, depression, anxiety, agoraphobia, husband still outta work, health insurance issues keeping me from a fill I badly need, my 2 year old son had pneumonia, not having 10 mins. to myself for myself to think or write a new post.... like now I would like to go upstairs and kill my sleeping husband because as soon as I try to do something my son puts an end to that 1 way or another, I know boohoo thats life, but I do want to get back to blogging I do want to focus on me and lose more weight and go to the gym (which I joined BTW) I want to take 10 min to enter my food journal into my fitness pal,  I would love to do these things but it seems like I am a single parent to a toddler who has a lazy room mate who sleeps and sits around eating poorly and is not only not a help to me or my goal but is a hinder. can you say DIVORCE!!!!! ya I want one but I have no time for that either.... anyways I am back come hell or high water. ok ttyl I hope you have all been well, or at least better than me lol    no time to proof read this .... sorry